How to make gift box

Gift box making

Gift box making

How do you box? Although it is not even a box, take it higher. Stash! Or even a casket!

Yes, it is the simplest of the paper. Manila, well, a bit of paper for the printer has gone, even though it does not matter, that’s what your paper is, and from that you can do, it would wish 


First, as always, the preparatory phase, it is necessary to cut the paper on a flat strip of the same width of 0.7 cm Next, draw a template And then … Word quilling know? A-aa, it does not matter, in general, we only have to twist and stick together. Repeat several times …

I think that you can get a double dose of fun, both on the manufacturing process, and at the stage of presenting the gift, especially if it will be packed in such beauty here


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