Gifts for march 8

Gifts for march 8

Gifts for march 8


Audience: craft is designed for children 6-10 years old, teachers, parents. Purpose: The card can be a souvenir gift for moms for the holiday March 8. Objective: To learn to carry out the appliqué using different types of cardboard and colored paper for your printer. Objectives: familiarity with the ways of creating a greeting card on the theme “Present to Mom with his hands” using templates; the development of creative and spatial imagination, attention, fine motor skills of hands; Education accuracy, sense of beauty, hard work.
– One red cardboard sheet to figures 8 (size 14 by 20 cm)
– 1 sheet of white cardboard blank templates (size 21 by 30 cm)
– 4 leaf corrugated cardboard colored yellow, green, orange and blue colors for color and little face parts (size 5 by 5 cm)
– 1 sheet of colored paper beige color printer (the size of 21 by 30 cm);
– several sheets of white paper for your printer (the size of 21 by 30 cm);
– simple pencil
– scissors;
– glue stick;


In March, there is such a day,
with numbers like a pretzel.
How many of you guys know, that figure represents?
Children chorus tell us:
– This is a celebration of our mothers!
March 8 – is the first Spring Festival, the most beautiful time of the year. On this day, we always congratulate our mothers, grandmothers who devote so much time to our education, as well as the sisters and friends of girls. On this day, the pope congratulated their wives and mothers, give them flowers. And you can make a gift with their own hands – a postcard souvenir. Mom and grandma will like everything that you give from the heart.
But how and when to congratulate mothers and girls in other countries? It is not everywhere March 8 – an official holiday.
In the United States and Western Europe in the spring of celebrating Mother’s Day. Earlier in the fourth Sunday of Lent, people brought gifts to the local (“Parent”) village church. In our time, the children give their mothers greeting cards and gifts, organize a “day of obedience.”
Spaniards “Women’s Day” is celebrated on February 5. This feast day of St. Agueda – the patroness of women.
The people of North and South India worship the goddess of happiness, beauty and home Lakshmi and Parvati. Celebrating these days in September and October. People decorate the house with flowers, gifts presented to women.
The Japanese celebrate March 3 Hina Matsuri – girls holiday. This day is also called the peach blossom festival. In ancient times on this day of cut paper doll. Then a toy or burned bro¬sali water. Fire and water were to carry away all the unhappiness. But over time, the dolls are no longer destroyed. Now they are made ​​of clay and wood, dressed up in silk dress. Sometimes even organize exhibitions of dolls (material from the site “Pedagogical piggy bank”).
Step by step process for performing the work
First step. We printed out a sketch cards, analyze, from what parts consists.


The second step. Are printed sketch template.


The third step. Cut the templates and drag them to the colored cardboard and paper. Making the layout of parts on a colored background.


The fourth step. Cut parts applications.


The fifth step. Detail of the trunk to bend double figures 8 (this is done in order to place inside greeting).


The sixth step. Attaching the face and body parts in the figure 8


The seventh step. Decorating cards: gluing pieces face and colors.


Eighth step. Writing congratulations for mother (for those children who can write).


The text of congratulations:
I love you very, very much!
I want you to always be happy!
There is another variant of registration cards.


Our workshop came to an end. I wish you success!


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