How to make gifts for the birth of babies

Good day to all !!! On the “nose” and I Good day to all, I wanted to share the work is not Christmas, but after the birth is different – new year, new life … To make a spirituality atmospheare around So what they are very close!…. i am guessing this will be of help. Everyone should put in some effort for it to be a success , Thanks
birth of babies
Few lyrics! ))
Of the outgoing year in spring to the birth of the little crumbs I did have a similar Topiary, the task was to repeat it, knowing in advance that this process is very exciting, I decided to do a photo at all stages, I’m sure many will come in handy, because on the Internet I could not find other similar gifts for the birth of babies.
Judged as the usefulness of the MC you!
So I start)))
The photo contains all the materials that I thought I needed, but the input work something changed, instead of a plastic pot was taken ceramic, trimming of the green felt were replaced by blades of grass with artificial lawn, just to braid wire trunk I used yarn.
For many, the familiar ball (from yarns passed through the jar with glue and wrapped them a small balloon, which can be easily removed after drying) with a hole.


On the eyes, and all died out better ruler and pencil, divided into five lobes of the future of our bell with scissors
Cut to about the middle of the bowl, then slowly begins to fold it back out of one lobe
eventually you should get this cup, I petals turned out not quite smooth
Now you can begin to decoration of petals! Using hot glue glue lines or whole lace along the edge
I glue the pieces like the most, because I then supplement lace polubusinami


in the little corner of petals
and at the base.
Barrel Wire wrapped yarn, has done a hole in the flower cup
dressed in a cup on the trunk cardboard mugs, taped gor.kleem
to fill the inside of the flower took half polypropylene balls, cut out of felt and cemented cups on the ball with the help of glue “Titan”
noggin edges of felt better at sizing bend under the petals
flowers camouflage most vulnerable edge, and the excess will not prevent the fortress
figure can be stuck, I fixed on the needles.
Fold the trunk in the form of the spring means at hand.
We proceed to the bells, floral sprigs detachable from the bush,
sticking a toothpick,
dress grass on the lawn,
I have a bush consisted of 15 branches, so clearing a thick …
As I already wrote, plastic pot was replaced by ceramic. Affix double-sided tape on the pot, I wrapped it with the same thread as the barrel, adding a little decoration in the form of butterflies and bells.
At the bottom of the pot glue a circle of foam, which with the same silicone fasten the barrel
Just forgot to write that the barrel consists of two conductors, better if three cores, attach easily and securely held.
Then we take a gypsum or plaster, divorce in the ratio of 1: 0.5 with water in a glass and pour gently already diluted in a pot
and until the mixture froze finally stuck our branches and grass around the trunk, slightly deepening them in plaster.
On the edges, the remaining empty after drying plaster Apply liberally “Titan” and fill the void blades of grass,
it is best to fix them with pins that would allow the glue to dry.
Try to remove the pins and a half to two hours until the glue is not glued them “tightly”
Our Topiary ready !!!
Pokrasuemsya …
Thanks to all dosmotrevshim to the end! I understand that a lot of photos, but I really wanted that everything was clear and understandable!
courtesy: stranamasterov
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