Gold paper making

Gold paper making

So, we need to work: plain paper copier (if you can find something more subtle, it will be better), scissors, thread, acrylic gold paint, Pearl Ex (pearl powder, but it is not required), decorations (I took ribbons and beads), a brush (preferably bristle). Step 1: To begin to prepare a working place. To do this, lay on the table a newspaper, so as not to soil all over the table, it put a plastic bag, is to ensure that our paper is not stuck to the paper. Then put the bag ordinary sheet of white paper.


Step 2 Next, take just 5-9 sheets of paper (number of sheets depends on the thickness of the paper, I took 5 sheets), wrinkled into a ball and moisten under hot water, then put crumpled paper into a container where PVA are stirred with water (the paper is softer, preferably PVA diluted with water to the consistency of yogurt)


Step 3 Next we take out the ball and straighten it on a prepared paper.


After taking a thread and put them on our paper in a chaotic manner. (Here it is possible to show imagination and over the paper stack a variety of items to create texture: can mash and put a thin cloth, can be sprinkled dried herbs and so on. D.)


Step 4 Once we have laid on all of our paper, we serve it with polyethylene (stuck to nothing) and put about three hours under the press. Then remove the press and give the paper to dry (I Dried hours) Step 5 Once the paper is dry, you need to trim the edges (I cropped stationery knife on a ruler) and sew on the machine edge. If you do not have cars, you can just paste over the edge of a ribbon, beautiful hand-sewn stitches or come up with something else.


Step 6 Next we have to paint our paper. I used to do this acrylic paint gold Decola, apply paint large dry bristle brush, paint does not smear, as it were hammering it in the paper.


Look at the results, I wanted to make gold more heterogeneous, for that I took pearl powder lighter shade and missed postcard in some places over the wet acrylic.


Then I began to use decorative elements for cards. Along the edges, I glued ribbon and bow on the card itself from ribbons Eventually got this card




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