Gold wedding earring designs you will fall in love instantly

Gold wedding earring designs

Jewellery is a women’s best friend. Being a woman, I know there is so much truth behind this phrase. It is really hard to tell when a woman would fall in love with jewellery.

Even if we don’t want to wear all those heavy and excessive jewellery pieces, an earring is a must have. It can make even the most boring of your outfit a statement piece.

There are many reasons why we love jewellery. It might be because we just love all that bling or just because we want to look pretty. The reason being whatever, accessorising is very important. It really adds an oomph to your entire ensemble.

With the onset of a new year, many women have set foot into their new lives as well. So in this article we will show you some light weight gold earrings that you can choose from. Even if you are a bride to be or you want to gift it to any bride, or just want it for yourself, these earrings are perfect. They are light weight, pretty and most importantly they are GOLD! Do we need anything else??

As we all know that a wedding is a very precious and an exceptional day for someone. It is right of every going to be a bride to feel beautiful inside out. Investment in Gold adds beauty, is a symbol of fortune, an old saying is that it brings happiness in life and is a kind of future investment or an asset that will never fail you in any way due to its increasing value.

Whatever be the reason splurging on jewellery for your big day needs no excuse. The wedding happens only once in an entire lifetime and you have every reason to look your best. Here are some latest gold wedding earring designs which will enable you to add that bling on your wedding day.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Latest gold wedding earring designs
1. Big Cuff earrings:

Earring Designs

Earring Designs

Cuff earrings are quite popular and trending nowadays. They come in different shapes and sizes and can easily represent your mood and occasion. Here we have a golden cuff earring with gold beads all over it. It covers the entire ear and has a white gemstone at the place of your ear piercing. It also has a jhumka style with gold bead hanging. They look elegant and sophisticated and is a cool way to shine on your wedding day.

2. Paisley shaped bridal earrings

Earring Designs

This is one of the most loved designs of all times. Paisley’s are not only limited to mehendi designs but it has even made its way to gold earrings. Here we have a long gold wearing design which has a circular motif surrounded by golden beads. Hanging from it we have the paisley motif which has a red gemstone encrusted in it. At the bottom, we have an extremely decorated bell-shaped motif with a hint of pearl. Pair this with any of your wedding attire and you are good to go.

3. Triangle shaped studs for wedding

Earring Designs

These darling stud earrings highlight the geometric triangle in a magnified way. It has a triangle base with circular engravings on it. On the top, we have a golden arch and decorated spiral motifs on the sides. The entire earring is completed with a base of golden beads. The earrings have a splendid brushed texture. It is super lightweight and is ideal to wear every day. Especially beneficial for newlywed ladies who do not want to be carrying treacherous heavy earrings every day.

4. Gold with red and black designs

Earring Designs

Red and black is a match made in heaven. Here we have an earring made entirely out of gold. The entire earrings have golden beads of different sizes. In the middle, we have red and black beads which further enhances the beauty of the earrings. The earring finishes off with three circular beads at the bottom. It is also extremely lightweight and the newlyweds can carry it without any difficulty. A perfect pair of earrings for everyday wear.

5. Gold crush stud earrings for marriage

Earring Designs

Stud earrings are extremely basic as well as complex. They hold a special place in everybody’s closet and is a great choice for everyday wear. They have gained enough respect in blending in with all outfits. Whether Indian or Western ear studs can be worn presumably with everything. Here we have an entirely decorated hold ear stud. It has several motifs and designs all over it. This is the safest and coolest option to carry regularly.

6. Gold beads drop earrings for women

Earring Designs

Tired of wearing old contemporary design? Then try something new. With the change in everything in this world earrings styles and designs have also changed. Here we have a gold earring with a very intricate and delicate pattern on the top. It also has certain colors and a gemstone in the middle. At the bottom, we have the good old bell design with three gold beads hanging out from it. This is also great to be with every day and you can pair it with both your Indian and Western outfits. Wear it as a newlywed or you can even gift it to the bride you know.

7. Contemporary earrings with weight

Earring Designs

When you have gold on your body your status automatically increases. It might just be a tiny piece but it can enhance the personality of the wearer. Here we have one such earring which might look tiny but can elevate your status to a much higher level. This is a very common type of earring you will find in the market. It has a huge circular stud with a dome-shaped motif at the bottom. In the end, it has an inverted flower hanging from which there are three golden beads. Contemporary earrings never go out of style. You can wear it to a wedding party or reception or can even wear it every day if you are newlywed. Nevertheless, you can also gift it to another bride on her wedding occasion.

8. Simple Gold jhumkas for Dulhan

Earring Designs

Gold jhumkas are one of the ancient designs in the world of ornaments. It is accepted and adorned by women of all ages all over India. Here we have one such temple design gold jhumka. It has a circular top with golden beads covering it. The entire bell portion is made out of spiral gold chains in order to complete the earring. There are also golden beads at the base of the bell and we also have a gold bead hanging from inside the bell. Nothing can outrun this golden jhumka. Pair it with your wedding attire and you will strut like a stunner.

9. Oversized studs for bride

Earring Designs

Gold is always considered as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It holds a special position and importance in the Indian culture. Here we have pure golden studs with leaf design surrounding it. The small leaves have red gemstones encrusted in it. The inside portion also has several colourful golden beads. It has a geometric shape which will give your helix an extravagant and feminine look. Pair this with your wedding attire and it will shine through while making sure that it reflects its beauty through you.

10. Latest Peacock earrings for beautiful bride

Earring Designs

Peacock’s are the most common and most loved motif when it comes to traditional gold jewellery. This pair makes a unique choice for wedding jewellery. Pair it with a matching necklace with a similar motif and you are all set to steal the show. Here we have a similar peacock motif earring which is so finely designed that you cannot stay away from it. The peacock is beautifully coloured and it has an ear cuff detail on the top. At the bottom, it has a jhumka design with golden chain strings. It not only looks wonderful but it is also an absolute delight to wear.

11. Traditional gold earrings in multi colors

Earring Designs

In this constantly changing world women fashion is constantly changing and so is the design and pattern of traditional gold earrings. It is not bland and boring like it used to be but the creators have come up with new and unique designs to suit everybody’s tastes and all occasions. Here we have one such gold earring. The drop-shaped pattern is quite common in traditional gold earrings. But here it is innovated with colorful and intricate designs and patterns. It also has greens and red gemstone studded on it. The bottom portion has a perfect bell with golden beads hanging from it. Be it a wedding or party you can pair it with almost anything and everything. It is even a great pair of everyday wear.

Gold earrings not only give a traditional look but it also makes your overall appearance luxurious. These gold wedding earring designs are generally worn or gifted at weddings, engagements, and parties. They are known to bring good luck and hence we shared all these amazing designs.


courtesy: k4fashion

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