Great surround the flower out of paper

Great surround the flower out of paper


Today I’ll show you how to make a beautiful flower for your work, for inspiration – something unusual and when it (inspiration) comes, it is not always at hand is to implement all the ideas conceived.
This MK I will write how to make flower using the maximum number of materials and what to do if they are not)
We need:
– paper (I like to work with watercolor paper, maybe later I dyed it paints, watercolor paper and takes interesting twists. If you do not plan to paint the paper You can just take the finished scrap paper)
– cutting knives to create pieces of colors and cutting machine (of course, if you have neither one nor the other, we just take a pair of scissors, print the pattern and cut by hand the required number of blanks)
Templates can be made by: circle the standard flat flowers or take the electronic version and specify the desired size, for example, that’s here .
– paint (Glimmer Mist (s) in my case, it is possible watercolor, any other. This item we miss for those who will make flowers out of scrap paper)
– with a spray bottle and water
– Distress Ink
– scissors
– glue
– contour paint
– and here is such a tool (green color) is likely to have it called ” Bulka “if someone will correct, will be grateful)


1. We cut down or cut the workpiece colors, from their number and size depends on the volume of your flower. The size of my big blanks initially 5cm in diameter, if you want to do and need to do more middle of a workpiece and a smaller diameter. For its flower I used 4 large and 4 small workpiece.


2. Mnemonic them.




Next, if necessary, stained with both sides! ), And if this is not necessary, then sprinkled with water from a spray bottle.


dry the hair dryer, dryer can be embossing can be conventional, dry them a power to wet crumpled flower acquired the necessary form.


If necessary, toning and clipped every single lepestochek a little closer to the center.


Take our mysterious but very useful tool, place the workpiece on something soft (I have a soft pad) and do gentle movements from the center to the edge. If the instrument is not, do not worry, you can skip this step, but after the above manipulation, flower will be “alive”.


This is how wonderful they are bent


Well, actually left to collect a flower petal by petal, slightly shifting each relative to each other and stick together. In my case, too, middle, and paper, but we can do any other (bead, plaster decoration, etc.).
You can stop at this point, and you can walk along the contour edges of the flower.


Here is our result.


And these are examples of the use of this flower in the works



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