Great wall decorations from the roll

Great wall decorations from the roll

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Great wall decorations from the roll

Ladies decorate your wall if you consider that the last frame twice before you pull the toilet paper off the roll, and then throw it in the trash roll. You can throw away the magic! OK, maybe not magic. How can anything grow butt wipe remaining days? But you certainly can make a part of the artistic potential! I think you know me find inspiration toiletries but I did not feel myself. In fact, this project I reduce the size and design of toilet paper rolls glued stumbled into was inspired by a picture on the internet.


It was just so wonderful and possibilities are endless! I am the color of the girl’s bedroom NEW düşündüm.y be a bit chilly, I closed the week and toilet paper and paper towel rolls week gathering the task set. I should have filled two shopping bags full of them, and I seemed to be such a hoarder to my family and friends had no idea why roll collection.


After filling the first bag my leaves and began to cut the roll into 1 inch strips 1 1/2 inch strips for flowers. I wanted to stand out a little more wall flower petals. The flower and I so I built this collection back a little, to make the leaves were left on! After a few weeks, and a bag of rolls, I was able to finish cutting the leaves.


I hot glued into five-petal flowers stellar explosions. This was easy. On the other hand, it is a bit more difficult to structure before the leaves, so do a few glued design and a fundamental part of the design has been completed then ended, leaving the rest of the piece.

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I spent part of an afternoon painting flowers and leaves. I tried to add variety to the greens used for flower petals and pink tones. Inca provides a variety of things always seem to think a little more interesting?



I also cut out and glued them small and large apartments on each flower center with some nice paper so I wanted to add some flare to flowers. There were some buttons, and more, sticking to the center of the circle adorned with them.

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Everything was dry, it was time to design. The best way to do this is that I just lay on the floor and play with the placement.wh liked a sure thing glued to it. I just was not feeling right up until I moved. This process was time consuming, but I think it’s the best part!
I had to make sure to put the entire piece flat, while sticking so I had to use extra care that each roll is flat against the floor. As a final touch I added a butterfly hanging on the wall for hanging on the wall of Abby and her room with some nails. I can say that it’s easy to hang it!

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