Half cut pearls from all

Half cut pearls from all

That is because often it happens – invent some completely otherworldly beauty of the decor, and the surrounding reality cynical whispers that where there is hardly a suitable material. Well, for example, polubusiny. Like these ones


They just needed the air. And scrapbooking and decorations for shkatulochek and for any other decoration. Who has the ability to buy, the good fellow, and just a happy person. But others think that something will stop? Hardly .. the rest is very easy to can make these same polubusiny themselves. Options, as it turned out, plenty!

More than once, and maybe you get into a situation where it would be desirable in the use half Cut Pearls specific color or size, but they just do not have on hand. I suggest you two ways to create half Cut Pearls.
1st ability and use Melt glue gun for that.
On paper baking squeezing droplets, forming a circular motion.

2Acrylic paint pearlescent paint or nail polish. Covering better in two layers, applying a second layer only after the first has dried.

When the paint is dry separate the beads from the paper, trim the edges. By the way, you can use gouache, it does not create a film and bead off from the paper when exactly.


  We cover the beads of transparent nail polish, after drying, half Cut Pearls ready to use.


You can not only round but also teardrop half Cut Pearls do.


2nd method – from peas. This option is for those who do not Melt.
Buy here is a split peas:


We select smooth pea size. My, dry them, put on film. We cover with white glue, which will create the Pea film.


Further, all as a half Cut Pearls glue – inks, dry them, covered with a second layer, dry them, cover with a transparent nail polish, dry them, to tear off from the film, and even trim the edges.


These are obtained half Cut Pearls:


And as they look in the papers:

10 11 12

I have not once did such half Cut Pearls and here is a summary:
– for adhesive polubusin paper for baking – the best option. Beads easily separated from it.
– Best obtained polubusiny covered with nail varnish (color paint can not cover the top colorless). First, it reduces the time of manufacture, and secondly, the varnish is applied evenly than paint.
– Here is the most difficult – to align the edges, taking extra plenochki caused by paints and varnish. This requires accuracy. Sometimes I use for this purpose sandpaper.
Hopefully, you now need half Cut Pearls you will always be at your fingertips! 🙂

The idea was born because of the lack of the necessary material for creative work, namely half Cut Pearls. Look for a variety of color and size (height half Cut Pearls different sizes).
Now we began to appear shops for crafts and small towns. But, for example, we have one maaalenky shop for dozens of kilometers. The range is small and rarely updated, and prices bite.
All of this I’m to the fact that many of the materials and tools if you wish, you can make yourself by spending a minimum of time and money. A result may be even better than that of a commercially available product.


I know two ways to manufacture half Cut Pearls: the first using the glue gun and the second with crushed peas. The glue gun is not at all, and split peas of the same size. So I want to offer another very easy and affordable method for manufacturing polubusin. Need: Plaster (stucco can be used, but the staining will need to take into account that alabaster gray), blister packs of any medications, vitamins, nutritional supplements, etc. For coloring use any paint and nail polish. I want to warn that the size half Cut Pearls will depend on the shape of the blister pack.


Recommendations for packaging. Of course you can take the old package, try to straighten it as straight as possible. But it’s best to buy the cheapest penny pill, carefully remove the foil and remove the pills, not prodavlivaya. The fact that the plaster dries to repeat all the irregularities and, if you use the old packaging polubusiny be uneven. I looked blistrenuyu packaging of medicines home kit. It turns out that there are so many different forms of tablet, you only need to look. So the foil is removed, the tablets recovered, divorce gypsum. The solution should be watery (easy flow).


In order to accurately fill the blister, you can use a syringe. I have


The forms are filled accurately, the bottom of all the “tabs” rovnenkoe.


Who worked with plaster, she knows that it dries in minutes. half Cut Pearls ready to take out very easily.


Height, size and region (curved or straight) are different. half Cut Pearls obtained smooth and even.


Specially laid out on the mat with markings.


This after painting: used tempera and acrylic paints and nail polish. On the elongated oval half Cut Pearls painted daisy and some fantasy figure.


Here it is Shrimp with rounded edges. It spent a minimum of time, waste used cheap material (1-2 tablespoons of plaster) and in your hands half Cut Pearls any shade.


Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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