Hamburger made of plastic


In this study used five colors of plastic. All these colors – the ingredients for our hamburger. 


First, prepare the dough. Very difficult to find the right color! It is better to mix solid and yellow. Yellow color is very rich, so when mixing it should be much less. Even with such a small amount of color changes significantly. Can be added in the process of a particular color, look for the necessary proportions until you reach the desired result.



Getting stuffing. In our hamburger is juicy lettuce! To get a nice color salad, mix green and yellow colors. Then roll down a small ball and strongly strongly flattened him. It needs to be done with jagged edges to mimic natural lettuce.6

Cutlet. What hamburger patties without? I did not want to do out of pure brown, so intermixed little red. Color has become more interesting. Then you need to roll from the resulting color balls and flatten. Diameter patties should be slightly smaller than the diameter rolls. To patties were like burgers, they need to carefully poke toothpicks sides.7 8 9

Tomato. Unrolls “sausage” red and cut thin slices of tomato. As will be seen only by its edge, do not need to worry about the middle.

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You can spice up a burger with mayonnaise. How to cook it? You can mix Fimo-gel and white acrylic paint. Fimo-gel – a liquid plastic, it is absolutely colorless, so it can be mixed with paint to obtain the required colors.


Then apply the necessary amount of “mayonnaise” on a hamburger:


Our burgers are cheese, or can be called cheeseburgers;) It is necessary to roll out a large layer of yellow and cut into equal squares.


When all the layers are stacked, you can cover them with a second roll, which all this time waiting for a number of


Pins inserted into burgers. It should be done carefully so as not to damage the product!

Baking. Bake the beads in a conventional oven at 130 degrees for 15-30 minutes. Read the instructions on the package.
I would like to add that you need to bake in a well-ventilated area during baking kicked out of the kitchen pets, and then ventilate the oven (and generally better to wash).
Baked product may slightly change the color. A translucent plastic acquire its transparency. But we should not expect that it will become clear as glass!

That the pins do not come out of the beads, you can use super glue! It is usually sold in tiny tubes of 1-5 take out the pin of the beads, Macau tip of the tube to coat with the pin in the adhesive, and paste it into place. After this procedure, it already does not get out! It should be done quickly and accurately, because such adhesive sets very quickly, and not only sticks to the plastic pin, but your hands in everything what can only))

To hamburger was a warm and delicious, it should be painted. This can be done with watercolors. Watercolor well to lay on the surface, it is necessary to wipe the product nail polish remover.

Next chop sesame. With such a small scale to make it rounded a bit hard. Therefore, simplifying the task itself and cut small triangles of white.

Cover the top of a hamburger bun and sprinkle with varnish “sesame”:


When the paint is dry, it will be possible to collect the resulting product hamburgers!



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