Hand decoration for Valentine

Hand decoration for Valentine

Hand decoration for Valentine

On holidays I want to highlight his gift from the mass of similar boxes with bows mediocre. To present something tender and touching, graceful and unique. Try to make a special gift. Of course, it you spend more time than on a shopping trip, but worth it in front of your relatives will increase markedly.


To create this grand souvenir we need:

  • dry feather grass or bamboo;
  • artificial flowers in two colors;
  • a thin wire or a glue gun;
  • acrylic paint;
  • Floral grid. 
  • All of this can be found in most stores and a la “Things for the house”, gardening, building supermarkets and flower stalls.


Step 1. Make a frame (in this case – in the form of heart) of thick wire. Clean the top of the skin or feather bamboo and cut into pieces of varying length. Attach cut “sticks” to our frame of thin wire or a gun.


Step 2: Paint the blank pink paint.


Step 3. raffia fastens on the bow at the intersections in the blank – give heart “fluffy” and volume.


Step 4. Cut the floristic net and attached to the base of roses thin wire or a gun.


Step 5. The thin wire or attach gun rose to the body (the heart).


Step 6. To outline the brighter, fasten white roses on the rim of the product.

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This product can decorate anything – to cheer up a blank wall in the living room, decorate the lonely corner of the office; hang on the summer terrace of your villa. But in any case each time it will remind the dear man, that you think it is about him, creating his masterpiece.

Courtesy: www.liveinternet.ru

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