Hand embroidery mirror work designs

embroidery mirror work

Shisha embroidery originated in the 17th-century in India. Traditionally, shisheh or abhla bharat work was done using Mica but Beetle, Tin, Silver or Coins were not uncommon depending on the region. This was replaced by glass blown into large thin bubbles and broken into small pieces using special scissors. This form of embroidery work is now most common on the Indian subcontinent, especially in parts of Gujarat & Rajasthan. It lends a sparkling appearance to the brightly coloured clothes worn in the region and is very popular for use on clothing, hangings, tapestries, and domestic textiles.

Mirror work embroidery

Hand Embroidery Designs

Hand Embroidery Mirror work

Beautiful New Mirror Work flower stitch

hand embroidery beads mirror work

Mirror work embroidery

and embroidery design

Hand embrodiary design

Mirror work Bead work

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