Handmade cat in a basket

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It’s amazing how lump of wool, you can create such a miracle! Take a look at this collection of cats and dogs, they are as real as living!

Toys made ​​in the technique of dry felting skilled worker Natalia Kuznetsova. I suggest to you, with many thanks to the author, admire the works, as well as the inspiration for the creation of a kitten, photo following Masterclasses from Natalya. To work you need a needle and wool for felting, Wool Felting Merino .This original Australian fine wool Merino sheep. It is this coat is perfect for the creation of Toy – pets. It is thin and soft, has high strength and splendor, looks like fluff. Perfect for dry or wet felting. It has a wide range of very beautiful flowers, it is used to make clothes, toys and products, which are often in contact with the skin

So, watch a master class on felting here this kitten in a basket:


For work, we need:

-igly Felting: thick and thin (triangular recommend number 36 and number 38 “asterisk” – for finishing)

-sherst Felting: white, red, yellow 2 colors, light and dark gray, pink, light rough undyed wool for the base (Sliver, but can do without it, then the base will be made of white painted);

The device of multi-needle felting;

-schёtka-mat Felting

-gubka dishwashing, the body of the car;

-Air-bubble film;

-polimernaya Fimo clay;

-pastelnye crayons: pink and gray;

-lak gloss for plastics;

-PVA glue

– A sketch, not necessarily very detailed, but one that passed posture and proportions, conceived toys or composition.


We start with a kitten’s head. Take the rough wool, forming fingers of her round billet and coarse needle uvalivaem to the ball dropped to about one-third and became dense. Wrapping the blank white wool and fine needle collapses to coat base was not visible on the surface of the future head.


At this point, we create reliefs on the head – the cheeks, muzzle, privalivaya additional cloud wool in the right places

Making the spout. To do this, take the pink hair and a sponge to give it shape and drag on the muzzle, where dovalivaem final.

Twist the fingers thin strand of pink wool thin flagella, privalivaem its line of his mouth.

Now privalivaem red hair – “paint” color head. Our kitten is sleeping and his eyes were closed, so we add a red coat in places orbits to form a closed eyelids and eyebrows.


Ears are red kitten with a white inner insert. Take two identical clouds of red wool and felting schёtke using multi-needle device (I have 3 needles) carry out two triangles at the same time to get the same ears.

5 6

To smooth the edges were, hold the ear between your fingers and gently working on a needle’s eye along the edge, leaving a fuzzy edge to connect with his head.

So we do with white triangles, but they have a smaller size than red. After that, connect the white and red details and carefully privalivaem them together, inserting a needle is not perpendicular to the details, but at an angle, taking care not to withdraw the needle through from the opposite side.

Try on the head and ears to privalivaem them in the right places. Similarly, the head, the body is dragged along the oval (the basis of the coarse wool falls off the white coat).

Getting to the front paws. That they were the same size, severing them at once two identical piece of white wool. Use your fingers to form a blank oblong shape and begin to wallow in the beginning of a thick needle, then fine. On the other side, where there will be “fingers” foot thicken privalivaya wool clouds. Needle carefully failing a recess between the “fingers”. Our kitten during sleep hugging his favorite toy, and so tabs are to be bent. These curves Asking a needle, bending the foot and failing the curved needle.

For the hind legs will need 4 parts: 2 hemispheres of the upper parts of two clutches and two parts of the feet. We provide them at the same time to achieve the same size. “Fingers” form the same way as you did on the upper legs.

When 4 parts ready privalivaem upper part to the lower paws. The foot pads are glued plastic for this purpose in the future site of the pads do needle recess.


While the legs are not connected to the body, will make the pads. To do this, cut a piece of white plastic and knead it a little smaller quantity of translucent plastic.

On the non-stick surface (nprimer paper) sausage roll out and cut into 16 equal pieces for the “fingers” and 4 equal pieces larger for the central pads.

8 9

Roll off 16 ovaloids finger lightly to flatten them in the blank oval.

For central pads form a triangular billet, which on three sides do deepen some subject with the appropriate diameter – such as a wooden stick for manicure.

Toning our planed blanks in pastel powder with a thin soft brush or a finger.


Bake according to the instructions and cooled, super-glue in the glue in the grooves on the legs. Varnish for plastics.


Now that all the parts are ready, proceed to assembly. The head sewn to the body and we fall a junction of white hair, forming a smooth transition from the back of the neck. Paws privalivaem too, giving the toy a pose, according to the sketch. The connections we fall as clouds of white wool. Ginger-haired “draw” spots in accordance with the conceived color.


Pasted under the eyelid eyelashes. Pink pastel toning legs, muzzle. Kitten ready! And now you will not be difficult matted myshku- toy cat 🙂

To the kitten sweet sleep, it except the mouse, you will need a comfortable bed. I decided that the basket of wool will look more organic than usual.

Bottom made by a wet felting. For this obvedёm kitten on a piece of paper – and add to the edges of the resulting oval 2 cm wool shrinkage. Dump workpiece using aqueous soap solution.

13 14

The resulting oval sewn with a needle threaded into her wire beading back and forth, leaving the sides of the oval wool “tails”, equal to the height of the basket a small margin, to bend and then they hide.

Somewhere in the distance wide and leave it sew “tail” single, as there should be an odd number. “Tail” curl – so they will be stronger

Now tear off long thin strands of yellow hair, a drop of glue the tip of the anchoring strands on the wire at the base and swing the wire from the bottom up and back to the base, there is just the tip of the anchoring.  In the same way we proceed with all wire “tails”.


Cooking harnesses to simulate the vine for weaving baskets. Torn off a long strand of wool from two shades of yellow and red on a coat, add them together, moistened with soapy water and start to gently roll between your hands moving across the length of the tow, only at the beginning and end of the six reserve nesvalyanoy. Gradually increase the pressure and ride until the wiring does not become dense and elastic. Such bundles make a few and put them together into one using a needle and then to lie in a wet spot connection.

Getting “weave” Basket flowing between the wire bundles “tails”.

When before the end of the “tails” will be about 1 cm, finish weaving gently led away end basket and harness deep discreetly stitched. The ends of the wires wrapped in wool and hide Bends between bundles.


The edges of the bottom of a hidden seam sew to the lower wiring. Ready cart moistened with a solution of PVA and water, decorate satin ribbon.


Well, now you’re ready to to put our kitten in a warm and soft basket, give him a foot in his favorite toy and to wish you sweet dreams!

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