Heart to the Valentine’s Day

Heart to the Valentine's Day

Heart to the Valentine’s Day


How to make a decorative heart for Valentine’s Day, of thread and glue? With conventional thread and the balloon can make the original heart. It’s like a fun activity for you and your children. Step 1. Prepare all we need: -Nitki two – three colors (you can use different kinds of thread) -Vozdushny heart shaped balloon -Vazelin -Kley PVA-Slim satin ribbons of different colors on decorative butterfly -Businy and pallets


STEP 2. Inflate the balloon to the correct size, tie it into a knot. Now spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the ball. Then obmazhte ball with white glue and gently wrap it with thread as if wind the ball. After a couple of layers, if necessary, again promazhte ball adhesive. The surface of the ball has turned invoice. If necessary, excess adhesive can be removed with a napkin. Hang the ball.


STEP 3. After one day, if the ball of yarn become solid and strong, take a needle and punch the balloon is inside, stick or hook pull the remnants of the air of a miracle. STEP 4. Decorate it with ribbons, beads, mosaic and butterflies.


That’s our heart and ready to give it to your loved one!

Courtesy: www.liveinternet.ru

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