How to make house from paper tube

How to make house from paper tube

Here’s a rustic cabin I did — when I saw in the textbook my son in house from paper tube art and decided to make a detailed class

house from paper tubs(83)

The paper curls into a tube

house from paper tubs(84)

First on the sides –IN THE CENTER AND THEN ALL — ducts WHOLE

house from paper tubs(85) house from paper tubs(86)

STICKS TO MANY SUCH — HOW MUCH I do not consider it just makes them as needed

house from paper tubs(87)

TAKE based on cardboard And so glued STICKS — two lengths such as –Other MADE TWO SHORT measured along the length of the cut ends are needed and sticking ALSO

house from paper tubs(88)

BY SERIES 3 is planned doorways — and another 3 window openings are wider DOOR

house from paper tubs(89)

Window openings and door closes par — paste edge of the door on the sides — THEN TAKE TO DUCT THIN I twist the wooden skewers that can be purchased in the store — Sewing ANY DUCT HEIGHT openings snapped –SKLEIVAEM EACH OTHER glued to the doorway And not to tumble in in Scotch taped

house from paper tubs(90)

Window openings paste ALSO — cut off the thin tube and glued into the opening Whew —- I used double sided tape — A window and curtain CAN MAKE who it wants –I do it like this and Scotch taped inside TOO

house from paper tubs(91)

DO ROOF Whew — INSIDE ducts not to fix a bent for strength

house from paper tubs(92)


house from paper tubs(93)

We make out  Stickers

house from paper tubs(94)

Make out the door

house from paper tubs(95)

DO TILE — I am doing from a strip of paperboard

house from paper tubs(96)

Paste ANGLES ON window

house from paper tubs(97)

DO steps; — DUCT glued together and wrapped Stickers — three steps

house from paper tubs(98)

Here they are three steps ASSEMBLY

house from paper tubs(99)


house from paper tubs(100)house from paper tubs(82) house from paper tubs(83)


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