How to make quilling echinacea

How to make quilling echinacea

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How to make quilling echinacea

want to tell you how this was going to work. For the flower strips we need 0.3 cm (petals) and 0.7 cm. Paper green (for stems and leaves), wire. And hot gun.


For one, it is necessary to wind the flower petals in the form of 18-20 “crooked eye.” For this twisted “pill” should be as dissolve, then squeeze (to get in shape “eyes”), and then ends with two hands in different directions Bends
to midway we need: an entire strip of black, burgundy strip 2/3 and 1/3 yellow stripes. All finely chop fringed strip along the entire length. Then twisted together black and maroon stripes (note the black stripe on top). When maroon finish, glue yellow stripes and continue to roll through. After that, your fingers have to fluff up center and the center can squeeze out a little bit up. All fix glue on the back side.


Petals to the middle, glue with hot gun. The first question my husband, when he saw my flowers was “why they” withered “?”


I to stems and leaves of paper used for the crystal colors. It is not uniformly dyed.
If you look closely at the photo, you can on the stems (except yellow flower) to see the dark coils – this should not be! I made a mistake. Dark colored, the edge you need to twist inward. During assembly work, I tried this thing, “disguise”, covering the leaves, including end result is almost invisible.


Here you can take a closer look. All the flowers and leaves to the base with hot glue gun. I touched up a pastel background.


Full length


Work under the glass.

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