How to make satin-fabric christmas tree

satin-fabric christmas tree

How to make satin-fabric christmas tree

Here is another cute idea to make satin-fabric christmas tree with tulle. It’s really simple and great for a nice table decor during the holiday season. I would like to try green tulle and red beads to make it more festive. You can always use your favorite colors to create your own designs.

satin-fabric christmas tree(116)

Twist the wire candy. You can leave a kryuchochek can triangle – as you like

satin-fabric christmas tree(117) satin-fabric christmas tree(118)

Wrapped with ribbon wire. Start from the top (with the “ledentsa34. Swathes thicker tape. In this embodiment, it is blue.
Every centimeter 4-5 drip glue to fix the tape. The ending is also anchoring adhesive.

Further, winding ribbon of a different color – the contrast. On a blue tree – white. Principle the
same – every few cm drip glue.

satin-fabric christmas tree(119)

Now create a “branch”. Take a rectangle of tulle – somewhere 10h100 see. Each following band do have 1.5 centimeters already. When the bandwidth will reach somewhere up to 4 cm – length divide two.

satin-fabric christmas tree(121)

Then the rope is contractible. Get the skirt.

satin-fabric christmas tree(122)

binds candy and firmly tighten. We start from the bottom up, from wide to narrow. Next, determine the location of all this business on candy and fix the top and bottom with glue (in the “root” skirts on the trunk of candy)

Then knead the plaster in the pot (you can pre-paint the pot), put to our Christmas tree (on the fur-tree should be at the bottom to make the hook – that it did not jumped out of plaster), wait until dry and decorate as you want. In this case, herringbone decorated with beads relevant colors and fine slivers.

satin-fabric christmas tree(123)

satin-fabric christmas tree(124)


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