How to make snowmen from threads

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How to make snowmen from threads

They are very charming in this technique are obtained….. can be of any size snowmen from threads

snowmen from threads(129)

So, we need: a thread (preferably cotton or rayon), balloons, glue And a large needle.

snowmen from threads(130)

Take a tube of glue and pierce it with a needle and thread. The thread turns impregnated with glue. The needle can be removed, it is we have not yet needed.

snowmen from threads(131)

Inflate balloons of different sizes (head, torso, arms).

snowmen from threads(132)

Each bead is necessary to wind the thread (it is desirable that the thread adhere properly to the ball and not hanging).

snowmen from threads(133)

We reserve the glue to dry completely (preferably 5 hours). The form should be solid. This is the biggest problem – to withstand time, the children can not wait to start to burst balloons.

snowmen from threads(134)

Hooray! All dried up and it is possible to burst balloons with a needle (jerk). Then take out the pieces of the ball.

snowmen from threads(135)

Our blank “balls – cobwebs” are ready to become a snowman!

snowmen from threads(136)

“Gossamer” stick together (bonding place you can push a little inside).

snowmen from threads(137)

Now turn on the imagination and draw a face! Nose we made from plasticine Korean (it dries well and very light), has made up his cheeks blush, mouth, scarf and broom made of corrugated paper.

snowmen from threads(138)

You’re snowman wear headgear …

snowmen from threads(139)


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