How to paint”Birds on the branch”

How to pain"Birds on the branch"

How to paint”Birds on the branch”

On the creation of this painting I was inspired by a video, seen on the Internet.
The picture is very simple in execution!
I painted with acrylic paints, but they can be replaced with gouache or watercolor.
Size 18 * 24 cm.

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To work you will need:
-list of construction paper (or the finished canvas, stretched on a frame),
– acrylic paint (or watercolor or gouache),
– brush,
– a sheet of paper and a pencil (for a sketch of the painting).

Tip: Before you begin to paint a picture on the canvas, draw a sketch on a piece of paper for your future pictures in full size.


First, draw a background – blue paint.
Then, in the center of the circle – white paint. The edge of the circle I did not clear, I had to shade almost dry brush.
If you are going to paint background watercolor painting, the technique is well suited “wet.”


After the background of the picture is well dried, paint with black paint in the middle of the first bird silhouette …


then the second bird silhouette ..


It is planned, which will be the main big tree branch on which sit our birds …

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Draws large branch: it is on top – thicker, and at the bottom – thinner.
Then draw small branches that extend from the big. A lot of them. Small branches are drawn almost the same thickness – they are thin.


The picture is ready!



“Birds on a flowering branch”
Flowers can be drawn …
Or, as I have done:
paste flowers and leaves of paper, then the picture acquiring a 3-D effect!

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Photos from the processing in a photo editor

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