How quickly make fun pillowcases

How quickly make fun pillowcases

How quickly make fun pillowcases

If you want to upgrade the interior of a room or buy a new sofa, you want to decorate beautiful pillows, then this workshop is for you! You can quickly stitch pillowcases , and most importantly – e is very simple.


We need:

fabric for pillow cases (not necessarily white), ribbon, lace, braid a variety of shades and colors (depending on the color scheme of your room), a sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins.


Pick braid, ribbon the desired colors.


Pre-position in the order you want ribbons and braid on work pieces your future pillowcases.


You can use a ruler to measure equal to the distance between the ribbons and lace.


Before you start to sew them to the fabric, funny pins.


Sew. The author used the green thread, as for it the color of grass.


The author used here is a backdrop for their pillows. You will use the material and color that suits your home decor.


Our cheerful pillow ready!


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