How to create romantic candle

romantic candle
 romantic candle
A few photos from different angles, and then details).
 romantic candle
romantic candle
romantic candle
We need: disposable plastic cups; two-wire cable; inlay (better light on it is not visible traces of glue); titanium glue or analogue; candle holder (not necessarily at the top of the structure can be hoisted and a soft toy …); termopistalet.
 romantic candle
Cut off about 60 cm kabelya- 4 parts.
 romantic candle
paste piping.
 romantic candle
all 4 parts.
 romantic candle
Just proceed with a glass.
 romantic candle
That’s what I said. On tёmgoy Bakey very visible traces of glue, then you will need all this mess tchatelno close).
Getting Round-twist cable.
We perform manipulation on both sides. As you can see, they are different.
Melt glue to glass all four blanks. Try to do parallel.
Here’s a cuttlefish have turned out)).
Now glue the candlestick, or sadim teddies and decorate.
Then of course it all depends on your imagination and available materials.
That’s all. If you want to kompozitsiya- was cut out of the foam bottom, stick to it a glass and decorate).
All very, very glad to see you! Good luck
courtesy: anngol
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