How to divide the thick yarn on multiple threads

How to divide the thick yarn on multiple threads

How to divide the thick yarn on multiple threads

Hand stitched Tricks How to divide the thick yarn on multiple threads


In order to unwind a ball we need:

1. The yarn itself to be divided, I have it – Jeans (note that it is twisted four thin filaments).

2. The sleeve of food film or foil.

3. Office gum.

4. A plastic bag.


The sequence of operation:

1. Place the ball of yarn in the bag.

2. Leave the thread sticking out of it.

3. Tie the bag top eraser. Please note, you must tighten the bag pretty tight rubber band to the thread is pulled out of it with a little effort, ie, if we take the tip of the yarn, it will hang and will not be drawn at random.


4. Divide sticking out of the bag end of the yarn to the desired number of threads – 2-3 (I 2) and reel them in the sleeve at a sufficient distance from each other.


5. Start to unwind the skein of yarn bag hanging in the air so that it is spinning freely (as in the yarn strands twisted together, the rotation will occur spontaneously bag). This is best done standing or sitting on a high chair. The threads hold the thumbs inside, turn the sleeve by itself, reeling thread divided into separate Hanks.

In the course of this procedure, the thread may become tangled in the bag, nothing wrong with that, you just need to do the top of the bag a little hole, remove the ball, and place the thread to unravel the tangle of back in the bag. The hole in the bag does not interfere with the process of unwinding.

The process of separating yarn, of course, not fast, but this method can deal with them alone and not constantly stick tangle pin to spin thread, as is usually done.

After the tangle will be unwound, you just need to pull up a sleeve alternately wound thread. So we have one skein of yarn to get two thick hank fine.


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