How to draw Radha-Krishna poster(Rangoli)

how to draw radha-krishna poster rangoli

Rangoli is meant for bringing fortune to an entire family. So as the Jodi of Radha-Krishna. They are the most romantic couple the world had ever seen. Let’s make a rangoli on this wonderful couple. Okay, it’s the time to start with. 

How to draw Radha-Krishna poster(Rangoli)

First, we have to make a sketch of Radha and Krishna using a piece of choc or rice flour. It’s all up to you. Then mark the outline with black powder. You can use a colour combination of your own. Here I am using a combination of blue, green, yellow and red with white. It will be more easy and good to use choc powder coz it’s more easily available, otherwise we will have to mix colours with rice flour. By using choc powder, we may get a clear colour combination. Now, let’s start with. I hope, you all will enjoy the same.





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