How to make 3D clay mural art (Love Birds)

How to make 3D clay mural art

Love birds, its always lovely to see them together. They looks more sweet when they are in their nest. Here, am going to show you how to make a sweet little nest of love birds with their egg in 3D clay mural art. 

The items we need are 1. clay, 2. thermocol board, 3. a piece of cable or electric wire, 4. some fibers (coconut husk, straw or whatever .. its all up to you) and 5. paint

Courtesy: Murali Arts


Now, lets start the work. First, cut the thermocol board as shown in the picture. If you have any idea of your own, you can try it out.


Spread clay over it evenly.


 With the help of a knife or anything pointed, make a design so that it may look like a part of wood.



Fix the cable with the help of clay as shown. Cover it with clay


Make the rest : The nest with eggs and the couple 



 Finally, You can give colours to your creation. Here its ready… The lovely couple awaiting their young ones. you can fix it over a board or can be given as a show piece in your show case. It is an ideal gift you can give to your loved ones.


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