How to make a bag with Plastic Canvas

How to make a bag out of the plastic canvas

Making a bag out of easily available materials like plastic sheets will give you a unique look. Today I’ll show how you can make a bag out of the plastic canvas. We need two sheets of plastic canvas, thread, needles, scissors, marker (for convenience).


First, make an idea. 
Draw the shape you want and the pattern (flower) I took from the scheme for embroidery cross.


Take two sheets. Cut the two largest parts. It will be the wall of our bag.


Just cut out the bedplate and the other two Circuits. What is the need? They are to strengthen the handles. It is not necessary, but I decided that it would be more practical and the handle will get more strong.


First, make the design. Here I have drawn flower and leaves.


Then fill the basic background with thread. The insides of flowers and leaf also have to be filled with basic colour.


Thread work should be done to the edge of the sheets leaving the last row.


Here you can see how I’m going to make the handle strong. Just add it to flash twice and once both of the details.
!!! Please note that the hardeners must be put inside, so as not to spoil the look. !!!

8 (1)

Now its time to fill the interior of flowers and leaves. I decided to fill them with beads. This is my choice. You may do it with any decorative things which suit the design made. 


Sheathe the bottom of the bag and start the assembly. Sew the same thread as the background threading it through every cell on the edge capturing just two walls.


For convenience, I first sewed the wall with one hand, then sewed the bottom and closed the second wall. (Wrong side walls add up to one another and sewn)

Join the bottom end tight. 


That’s all. Bags ready! You can choose to sew the lining and zipper. It is sure that there will be only one piece of such a bag made out of plastic canvas. Hope you all enjoy making the bag out of plastic canvas.



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