How to make a ball of surprise

How to make a ball of surprise

How to make a ball of surprise

I will show to make the ball Surprise example conventional white ball and 5 small colored balls (the principle is clear). I must say that the ball surprise differs from the conventional ball wide neck, which facilitates the process


Materials needed:

1. Large transparent balloon – 1 pc. (Do not be alarmed when you buy it dirty yellow-gray, somewhat similar to the color of conventional napalechnika). In shops “All for a holiday” and called it “the ball-surprise” 2. Small colored beads – 20 pcs. (Colors are chosen at will) 3. Hand pump (optional for those who are confident in their lungs). Small balls almost impossible to inflate the usual way, and therefore need a hand pump.


First of all inflate our large bowl and keep it without knotting, minutes 2. It is necessary that the ball was stretched to become more flexible, so that later it was easier to work with him. Deflate and proceed to the next step. We poke a little (blue) ball into the neck of a large ball. Both adhere to the neck to the small ball not slipped into the big one.


Take the pump and inflate blue ball, holding the neck of a large.

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Knotted blue ball and pushed it inside


little further pushes the next (red) ball in the neck of a large balloon


inflates and tying


pushes another small (yellow) ball in the neck of a large ball. The third ball is already difficult to cheat just so. To make room for the third ball, we inflate our big ball most common method (explain why not pump – the ball is very difficult to surprise press firmly to the neck of the pump, so it is easier and faster to inflate with our family of light). Inflate quite a bit, with the yellow ball to adhere to a finger in the side. Intercepts are both comfortable and inflate the neck yellow ball.


Now he inflates easily.


knotted. Please note that small ball is inflated at the neck, then the big ball is not blown away as you close the air outlet


Further, all in the same way all subsequent inflate balls inside our large ball, occasionally blowing a large bowl.


When all the balls are in – inflate our Balloon Surprise and fastens it.


The tail can be decorated with ribbons, bows – everyone what your imagination PS

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