How to make a cat

How to make a cat

How to make a cat

In this class you will learn how to do this here cat with his own hands.


Everything is made of simple and affordable materials, nothing supernatural, the main thing – “sleight of hand 

For work, we need:

  • copper wire 1.5mm thick
  • cork from wine or champagne
  • wool or any other yarn of your choice
  • pins with a ball on the end
  • not thick fishing line
  • Clay time-Crystal
  • super glue gel time
  • knife
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • and other tools

Take two cork from wine. The whole tube goes on the body, and half down.


They should be cut with a knife to the desired shape us. Like this:


If the surface was not very smooth, it is necessary to slightly trim a file, or coarse bar for sharpening knives. (In the photo-turned cork). Once the foundation is ready, it takes the wire and pierces her head through the workpiece. On the other hand Bends back end of the wire, as in the photo.


And pulling it back to the curved end stuck in a traffic jam and lock. It needs a little plug in the sink, otherwise it will stick knob. The long end of the wire is cut off, leaving a piece of slightly less than the length of the trunk.


Then head smeared with glue (point-crystal) and neatly zamatyvaem like a normal ball.


Then, in the same way we fix the wire for the arms, legs and tail in traffic, which will be the body.


It turns out that’s such a cuttlefish:

8 (1)

We attach limbs desired shape, bend right, then cut off the excess wire.


Before winding need a little bit to straighten her hands, it’s more convenient. We smear the same glue and swathes of the first layer of thread:


Bend your palm as it was, again smear with glue and wrapped with a second layer of thread.


Legs and tail winding similarly. Get something like this:


Body smeared with glue, begin winding it vertically to cover the thread is the place where the sitting. After that, we take his head and stuck a wire in the trunk. A place where to be neck, can smear glue to head firmly held and revolved around an axis. Next smear glue and wrapped around the body horizontally. The cat is almost ready:


Make your ears. From wire (I took a paper clip) bend shape. Smear, wind:


Then smear edge superglue ear (right and left), and, starting with the sharp end, zamatyvaem. Cropped excess wire and sharpen the tips to make it easier to stick in place.


For eyes we need here are the pins:


That they were a white, paint them with acrylic or proofreader for text. Shortens the pin, leaving a tip about a centimeter. Slightly sharpen. It now remains to stick it all into place. From the location of the eye depends on facial expression. Just poprikladyvayte them in different positions. You can simply plug in, and I also glued with superglue.Nose do buckwheat and also glue. That he was more flat, rear face can be neatly cut.


Then draw the snout and eyes. If the thread is too shaggy, it is better to cut it a little snout or Throw – will be less smearing.


Moustaches make a thin fishing line. With the help of a needle is passed up and down the line as shown below, and trim the ends to the desired length.


We can only give the cat banding. Coloring it, for example, the marker. It is better if the marker is an alcohol, the water is dirty.


20 21

Here’s a pretty Kotofey we turned 🙂 conceived I had to put on a monitor. Since the monitor in my studio there, put on a suitable size for the book “photo session”. Paws and tail is enough to he held firmly enough and did not fall. Now, he is sitting on my monitor and look what I’m doing.

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