How to make a collage of conventional frames

How to make a collage of conventional frames

How to make a collage of conventional frames

Much more interesting than the traditional family portrait!

Here’s a collage can be made from your photos or magazine clippings. This project photo frame – is a completely unique way to present your favorite photos to someone who has an empty space on the wall.

Frames can be joined by anyone, in any amount, whichever you prefer, and for any size wall.


You will need:

  • Several wooden frames (such as IKEA is perfect for this)
  • Marker or pencil
  • Joiner’s glue
  • Two or more clamp
  • Paint of your choice, brush
  • Photos to fill

First we need to remove all the glass of the frames


Then spread on the floor layout of our collage. I would have to start to find a suitable picture and drew a rough layout on paper. So you decide, firstly, with the number of relevant frames, and secondly, with their size. But it is possible, and vice versa, as the author of this article recommends to pick them afterwards. The main thing to determine the number of vertical and horizontal frames.


Next, check the light marker (if you plan to then use light-colored paint) or pencil point where the frame will be joined together. What would you then do not get confused and forget it. In addition, later on labels will be easier for them to connect with each other.


Getting to the assembly of our frames, collage, do not forget to protect the surface, which will be glued. Coat with adhesive edge of the frame, hold clamps and wait for the glue to dry completely. One clip for each pair.


Do not forget to remove the excess glue with a damp cloth to frames before painting remained clean. If you stick to the same two frames you need two clips.


If in the process you are missing clamps, attach the frames one by one. Pre-wait, what previous “party” as follows, dry out, and refrained himself, what would our border has not prosohnuv not start to fall apart. I would advise for reliability, used for additional binding framework furniture staples, if any, of course.


If sticking all the pieces at once, after the assembly of our frame, once again we check to see whether there was where the tread glue when the glue has dried up, then remove the blade scraped. Then  we leave our frame to dry overnight.

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When the frame is completely dry. Getting painting. It is better to use acrylic water-based paint, spray paint (but not the house) stain, if you want to keep the texture of wood or apply such a technique as decoupage or dekopach. In general, it all depends on your imagination.


Paint our border if needed several layers.

After painting look closely at whether all the places to paint, do not forget the side cover frames.

When the frame is completely dry out after painting, insert the glass and start filling your photos collage. Tip designer Lee Meredith: What would our collage looked pleasing to the eye, place the photos, so that they looked inward rather than out of the frame. (There seems to mind that people would not have looked right at you and slightly to the side.)

Another tip of the designer: For a visual balance to use different types of photos. Combined, for example, a group portrait of some close-ups, nature or inanimate objects …

If you have any difficulties in completing the framework. And she looks congested close-ups, try instead some photos, use pieces of cloth, empty photo (color sheet for photos), drawings, a mini-painting or printing on paper. Try using one color in several frames. In general, experiment, what would your collage looked nice on the eyes.


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