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 Today I’ll show you how to create a small miracle with your own hands
In the process, we need:
1. A piece of flesh-colored jersey 10×10 cm.
2. A piece of velor 20h10sm (any color can be, gentle, pastel, I – milk).
3. A piece of knitted hats for 5×12 cm (color should be combined with velor – I, too, milk).
4. Thread in the solid color jersey.
5. Thread color jumpsuit.
6. Yarns for cradle-color suit or hat (I yarn “YarnArt Jeans” cotton with acrylic, color milk again).
7. A small piece of fine yarns for chelochkoy.
8. Padding – can be wool sheep can hollofayber cloth (no balls).
9. Satin ribbon 3-4 mm – 1 meter, the color of a yarn kombez, cap
10. Threads of floss for the eye and the mouth.
11. Scissors, marker for tissue disappears, tweezers, hook №5, lighter, ordinary sewing needle, a needle is thick with large eye for yarn and satin ribbon, sewing machine – if not, you can make and handle all 🙂
pupa size – 12 cm.
Still, we need pattern jumpsuit:
 Take a piece of packing and with thin threads form a ball with a diameter of about 2 cm. The ball must be round, dense and smooth, not loose, not angular, well-wrapped thread.

Then we need to wrap the bead has several layers of padding to this, we have a “tadpole”:


The diameter of the “tadpole” -. 4 cm already head to be too thick, not soft. Neck we wrapped thread 6-7 turns, carefully tightening that neck was not thick. Then, the folded 4 times the thread, we are doing in the middle of the head horizontal constriction, tying a triple knot at the nape.


On a piece of flesh jersey, folded in half, draw out a marker of our head and neck with a margin of 5-6 mm as shown in the left photo. Stock up on free encirclement depends on the density and tensile jersey, so do stocks on the back of the head and neck more. If it is too big, then you can simply turn down the seam to adjust the width and closer to the front of the cutting off extra millimeters allowance.

We sew the seam, cut with margins of 3-4 mm. The hole at the bottom left nezashitym.

To turn out and do the fitting. We put through the hole at the bottom of the workpiece on the head. In the photo view profile 🙂 Spreads seam at the back, so it was smooth. Spreads folds on the neck strap a jersey should head straight and tight, but not tight. Folds, bumps or other irregularities need not be. Upstairs we will have here is a “tuft of hair” – it is also necessary to properly tighten and straighten. If the head is slightly deformed when pulling jersey, it should be corrected with your fingers or tweezers inside. But if it was a good, tightly wound, the strain should not be.

Unveiling the tails packing under the neck and using a pair of tweezers from the inside, through the hole in the neck rounded cheeks, pulling a pair of tweezers and podtykivaya stuffing into each cheek. We follow the symmetry of face. When the cheeks acquire the desired “bulk” overtighten the thread in the three-four additions neck, so that there are no wrinkles. Zavyazvaem triple knot at the back of the neck.


Scissors very carefully cut the “crest” – get a small flat opening, which we must now sew a hidden stitch. It is important not to cut too much, otherwise you can ruin the job!


Needle and thread a flesh-colored two-ply sewed up the hole a hidden seam, alternately grabbing the front, the occipital side of the hole, the stitches should be done by 1-1,5 mm.


As a result, we get a pretty smooth doll’s head. Head size is supposed to be about 4 cm, can be a little less, but no more!


Disappearing marker do markup eye and mouth. Eyes should be at waist level, horizontal, not above or below. Eyes to the mouth – is the top of an equilateral triangle – such proportions always look perfectly, but you can and experiment 🙂


Getting embroider face. Please eyes – embroider a single dark thread floss. Make a double tie-in the crown of the head – two stitch “back needle”. A needle is deducible in the left corner glazik. Make 4-5 stitches to get glazik, then immediately translate the needle to the right and glazik similar to embroider it.


needle is then excreted in the crown portion of the right side, and similarly do two tack. Embroider mouth pink thread floss as well as the eyes, only stitch on her mouth is only one, and tie – and two on each side.


Then embroider chelochkoy. Note the marker location for sewing bang – close to the seam on his forehead. Do not place bangs securing low – otherwise it would be seen from under the cap.

Take the yarn thread in two additions, to stick a needle into the marked line and display it next to tack the eyes and mouth, on the crown of the head. Making it one stitch “back needle” …


…. Then the second stitch “back needle”, we get a double tack. Withdraw the needle in the drawn line and cut the thread along the length of the bangs with a small margin. We’ve got four at a hair and bangs two stitches on the top. These two stitches will be hard to keep our bangs in place. Hairs will not be vyschipnut

We sew so few hairs, to get a symmetrical chelochkoy.

Take a piece of knitted hats for 12×5 cm. Note that the columns are knitted along the short side.

Unbent allowance 1 cm priutyuzhivaem and sew. We obtain here such a blank for the cap.

Fold it in half an allowance out, note the line of the occipital suture marker, leaving a seam allowance of 4-5 mm, shovchik do not forget about the tie, then turn on the front side. We get here a cap.

Trying on a cap on Lyalya, collapses to a thread in the neck of the cap color, tying a triple knot behind. Chelochkoy already can be cut, if it is longish.

It has been a pretty little head is ready, go to the body.

From the solid knitted fabric remnants cut two squares of 2×2 cm and form two spherical cam: put a small amount of padding inside and tighten thread. Kuklachki should turn 1 cm in diameter.

Contours of our patterns on velvet, folded twice inside the pile. Shear pins and sews the fabric. Red dots indicate the beginning and end of seams, tack. Nezashitymi reserve sleeves and neck.


Cut, leaving allowances 4-5 mm. In the armpits and between the leg needs to be done very carefully cuts allowances, short scissors seam to 1-1.5 mm. Incisions need to vyvorachianii at the front of the fabric not to wince. Then we take our jaws and insert them into the sleeves of “tails” out. Tails, incidentally, also can be neatly trimmed. The cams in the sleeves have to be inserted deep, about half.


We sew each stitch cam “back needle” on the circumference of the sleeve to the suit.


Kuklachki sewn, can turn out. Use tweezers to turn out through the neck jumpsuit. The neck is fairly narrow, so act carefully. Start with grips, the most difficult – is kuklachki. The legs are turned easily.


 Here is our overalls ready. Cams just look out of the overalls. Go to the stuffing.


Fingers pinch off small pieces of stuffing and tweezers pushes them in the legs, trying to keep the stuffing inside is not crumpled, and lay down flat in layers. Fills not much baby should be soft, not very thick handles fills 🙂 little, mostly at the jaws. Zone from the underarms to the shoulders leave blank.


Then we need to make a constriction in the points where it is indicated on the pattern. Padding – a 6-7 stitches, it seems as if you sew on buttons, but without the buttons 🙂 Banners are doing and on the right and on the left arm. Due to constrictions within the stuffing will not move and handle can be bent.


Now we need to put the head in a jumpsuit. Helping with tweezers, gently tucking tails padding and knitted allowances into the body. It follows that they’re not crumple, all accommodated smoothly. Allowances velor on the neck, we also dressed with tweezers in and get ready for nearly Ljalju 🙂


Sew a hidden stitch head to the body, starting from the back, in turn making the stitches on the head and on the body. Hiding all the knots and tie inside the body. It is better to make two round trips a seam around the neck to the head firmly and securely sitting on the ground.


Here it is – our sweet little girl, is ready. You can decorate it with a bow.

And proceeds to create a cozy cradle.

Gaining crochet yarn 16 stitches. And start vyvyazvat oval – the bottom of the cradle of future columns without nakida scheme:

Knit row for row, periodically trying on to Lala. It is still not enough …


But here it is just right. I got 8 rows. You may get slightly more or slightly less. Once we decided that the bottom is the same size as the baby, provyazyvaem a number of long-distance (rear) half-loop to form an angle between the bottom and bumpers.


Knit columns without bumpers too nakida height approximately 5,5-6sm.


When the bumpers are ready, finish knitting, cut the thread and hide the tails of thread using a large needle with a large eye to weave yarn.


Bumpers are folded outwards so that the inflection height was about 3.5 -4 cm. Inflection miss thin satin ribbon. We do it again with the help of a thick needle.


Tails tape zavyazvaem on the “end” of the oval a small bundle, cut off the excess and tips podplavlyaem lighter.

Lace hide under the fold on the inside.

In place of a bow knot sew 🙂 Dollar Baby can be a little painted her cheeks blush or dry pastel.

We put the baby in the crib and softly touches her …

And then we give a little girl, and rejoice together with it the miracle that created the …

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 courtesy: livemaster