How to make a postcard with “water effect”

Today I’ll show you how to make a postcard with “water effect”. Postcard with goldfish was made specifically for the general task: the world of magic and sorcery .
This technique is suitable for the creation of “aquarium” sea of postcards and simply interesting “interactive” features.
We will need:
– construction paper for the base card
– a pair of scissors, a knife, a tool embossing, pencil, glue, thread, tape
– plastic bag with a zip the zip-the lock
– a kind of transparent gel-like substance blue: best hair gel, but suitable as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other household chemicals.
– decoration to your taste; needed most -. the suspension to be placed in the aquarium

So, take the bag and measure it. My had dimensions of 7.5 cm by 6 cm, based on the size of the workpiece to make cards. By width it is 8.5 cm in length and distribute the so-top view:

It can be done and more, to add to the size of the bag by centimeter on each side
between the sides I and II we will Aquarium; small folds to 8 mm are needed for hanging fish, side III – background.

Fold the part I and II, together, outline the tank on the right side:

Contours of something round and dorisovyvat aquarium silhouette and the water level.

Take a sharp knife and carefully cut out the fish tank once in the sides I and II:

Right – what should happen if you deploy the future postcard.

Cooking “content” for the aquarium: this may be the creation of any water – fish, seahorses, octopus, mussels, crab, or … a mermaid!

I made a goldfish in quilling techniques. The scheme is very simple: 1 orange strip width of 3 mm, twisted into a free roll for the body and 1 orange strip to a loop of the tail and fins. . Plus – a small gold crown
Suspension can make any: you can take the finished metal, you can make use of vivid applique or decal. Matted, tie, weave beads, sculpt out of clay – your choice =)
The main thing do not forget that the suspension should go into a hole cut in the card!
To the suspension in two places pasted strings:
While the threads of adhesive dries, prepare postcard:
Draw or depict other means aquarium background.
And also take care of the “face” cards. I have a simple cold stamping and light toning.
Try on the suspension so that it fell exactly into the aquarium.
And pasted strings to the 8-mm fold, which we had originally planned.
Now the fun !!!
Take a zip-lock bag and gel. Gels for hair styling are very viscous consistency, because fit best. But the right color – bluish, I have found only shampoo. Too good =) Although it is not necessary to take blue. Maybe you will not have water and pink jelly?It is important that the substance was transparent – through it will look at the fish, because the dense scrub cream or do not fit. I do not advise as to use aggressive detergents such as “toilet duck” or “Aunt Asi” – in addition to the supply of your product unforgettable “aroma”, it can even corrode the bag and spilled all …
We fill a bag with gel, not zealous, 1-1.5 tsp quite enough. I added some glitter – a magic fish! =) Carefully close the bag, are not afraid to leave air bubbles inside and fingers mash “stuffing” for uniformity.
Ready gel pack placed inside the card, on the inner side II of, and fix pack on all sides with adhesive tape:
Party I wrap, covering the zipper package:
And fix on the edges of the part I and II together.
All overturn and set:
Let this magic fish takes your desires;)
courtesy: homyachok-scrap-challenge.blogspot

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