How to make a stash

How to make a stash
Always I wanted to have also a small master class!
That spread to a jury trial))) Perhaps someone will come in handy, too.
We bought ice cream is here, vkusnoeee was))) remains a great box,
and I had the idea to create a casket for details.
Unfortunately not on a lid sticker
figure applied paint … nothing we hide.
And so, for the manufacture of a casket will need: ice cream container from the weight of 450 grams,
glue “Dragon”, glue gun, tape width of 5 cm,
1 cm and 0.5 cm, lace and any fabric color ribbons, scissors, pencil and lighter.

For decorating the floor, I took the white calico,

Cut along the circumference of the bottom of the oval with margins around the edges,

made incisions, so it will be easier and neater paste.

Take any glue, I prefer to stick to the fabric glue Dragon or titanium, the same thing.
I saw that and PVA glue, and the gun can be, but does not accurately work.
Then weave that’s such a beautiful braid of ribbon 1 cm wide. 2 cut by 2.5 meters.
detailed master class in weaving have here a girl Daria, thanks to the author!
And so it turns out in the end. Glued immediately glue gun,
personally, I feel so comfortable. And you can proplesti all stripes, and only glue.
Second row – white ribbon, it is slightly narrower in width than the purple,
so I took a longer cuts of about three meters.
And we are doing it the same as that of the first pigtail.
I pasted the second bit of overlap, so that was not visible gaps between the braids.
There are very small distance and a third braid not fit,
hile initially intended proplesti three things, purple at the edges,
in the middle of alas … So quite simply
I pasted tape around the entire circumference, slipping her a little under the braid.

It turned tak.Teper need to work with a lid.


Just as with our casket bottom, tissue glue.

Da..prosvechivaetsya picture unfortunately, but we zadekoriruem. We had to take a darker fabric.

Propletala and just quietly stuck.
Then fold the lace in half, because it is too wide. But beautiful.
And paste!
It turns out here such krasotischa.
From 5 cm wide strips curl three rosettes
Now, for the harmony of the whole composition, I decided to make podlozhechki of lace.
They can sew, I speed to and from the great laziness simply glued a gun.))
About 25ti lace centimeters per podlozhechku.
A thin strip of width 0.5. We have 6 such detalek. The length of the ribbon, see for yourself the size of your roses.
and now all that we need to stick together.
Like this.
It turns three songs for our casket.
The edges of the ribbons need to singe to not rastrёpyvalis.
And bonded to the casket.
And as a final touch, I decided to attach the bow.
The only thing that had to leave is the bumpers. It seems to me, if they decorate,
It will be very difficult and inconvenient to open the box.
Thank you very much, if you went for a visit! rah-rah))) Now I also have a personal MC)
courtesy: filosofyfree