How to make an origami water lily

How to make an origami water lily

How to make an origami water lily

Origami is always a new challenge, a beauty that is worth learning to make and a beautiful technique to make endless creations. I have already taught to do various things with this technique as hearts , bows, frogs, envelopes but today I propose to go one step further and make an idea that requires a little more work and a few extra minutes … Let’s learn how to make a lily water, a beautiful and colorful flower that you can use to decorate your home and even as a souvenir of a birthday or other special occasion. Are precious, and I already have many decorating my studio! Did we start?


Materials for each flower:

  • One origami paper sheet 15 x 15 cm.
  • One sheet of origami paper 5 x 15 cm in style.
  • Scissors.

To make this example I selected a lilac and blue, both bright and bold colors. But imaginaicón use and combine them as you like most!


1: Take origami paper 15 x 15.
2: Bend the paper in half diagonally.
3: Return to fold it in half.
4: open them and see which is well-marked line.
5: Bow one of the sides (end of the paper) to the center.
6: Bow the other side the same way.


7: Open one end and take it to its tip inwards center.
8: Units tip to the other points of the paper.
9: Place hand to fix.
10: Repeat the same with the other side.


11: Girad, the piece for split ends, are facing up. Bend outside edges toward the center to form the figure in the photograph.
12: Turn back and do the same with the other tips.
13: Take the scissors and cut off the tips along the straight line formed earlier folds.


14: Open throughout the piece.
15: please press the center to bring it up.
16: Bend in half so that when viewing the middle it ends in a point toward the open side.
17: Once verified this folding paper both sides to obtain this figure. Notice that ends at the tip which I mentioned in the previous picture. This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not is not so, you can move on. Place folds nicely to continue


18: Bend one end to the center.
19: Do the same with the other side.
20: Turn back and repeat the above steps with the new tips.
21: Now open your tips aside.
22: Take the central point and down.
23: Os should be thus well folded. Turn back and do the same with the other tips.
24: Upon completion of the above, you will notice they are points that are different in the specifications.
25, Bow these tips down as shown in the picture.
26: That will be the piece.


27: Levatad one end of the piece.
28: Take it for the tip and depressed to bend in this way.
29: Helping them with both hands.
30: Al bend will thus as if it came out.


Do the above procedure for all the tips. Will be a piece like this:


31: Take a tip and Open it with your fingers. You will begin to shape the petals.
32: please press with your fingertip inward to collapse and open a little side. So you will form the first petal.


Repeat the procedure for each other. We will flower this:


We turn to the center of the flower.

33: Take the remaining origami paper and scissors. Begin to cut small strips without reaching the other side.
34: Os will be like this.
35: Begin to roll it on one end.
36: To finish.


37: Take the flower and Introduce the middle.
38: It should be well placed to make it look good. It is ready! Beautiful is not it?


You can make them in all colors that you like most!


Courtesy: guiademanualidades

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