How to make art from CDs and Pista shells

How to make art from CDs


We love dry-fruits, at least some of us do. In that, most of us love those crunchy salty PISTA nuts. But what if you could make nice art out of these shells. Here we are showing how we can make some nice art from art from CDs and Pista shells. 

Materials we need for this are, Pista shells, hard paper roundels ( hard paper cut in round shape ),  newspaper, glue, colours and glitters, a thin straw or stick.

Now we will start making. Using the thin stick, roll the newspaper and make a stick. Fix its end with glue. Remove the stick. Roll the newspaper stick with the help of the stick. Fix its end too. Now fix the newspaper round on the hard paper round. Apply glue to the free space of the hard paper to stick the PISTA shells. Stick the shells and apply a base coat of yellow colour on the shells. When it dries, apply the colour of your choice. Apply the glitter or any decoration of your choice to the centre.  Your PISTA shell art is ready.

We all have CDs in our home. Old and scratched CDs sometimes becomes a burden to us. Let’s get rid of those ones by reforming it as a wonderful art piece. 

Things we need –  Pista shell art, CDs, crushed CDs, design clothes, decorative( design ) ribbon bundle, glue, wooden sticks.

Stick a square piece of design cloth over the CD with glue. Stick the excess cloth to the other side of CD. YOU can use different colours of design clothes to make your art more colourful. Take the designed ribbon and stick it at the side of the CD. Take another CD and stick it to the other side of our designed CD to make it more strong. You can decide the number of CDs to be decorated according to the design in your mind. Now take the PISTA shell art made and fix it at the centre of the CD. Fix the crushed CD parts also as a piece of decoration. With the help of a ribbon and stick, you can make the desired pattern. 

Fix the ribbon tightly and you can use it as a wall hanging. This will be an innovative idea to reuse your unwanted CDs and also to create a wonderful decorative piece. 


How to make art from CDs


Courtesy: SEEMA’S ART

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