How to make ”Autumn butterfly pendant from polymer clay

Autumn butterfly
Autumn brings the last warm days and colors the world in gold and red colors. And you along with the master of modeling Svetlana Belova today blind by the wonderful pendant on autumn motives.
butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
For the pendant, you will need:
• Bake plastic
• Paper
• Liquid Gel
• Knife
• Pasta Machine or acrylic roller
• Toothpick
• Tweezers
• Scalpel
• Scissors
• Pin Ball
• Pin with a loop
• chain
• cord
• Bail
To begin, draw a butterfly, and cut her paper, it will be the template on which the later will cut with a plastic shape.
That pendant looked bright and colorful foundation make a smooth color transition.

To do this, take a few colors, fold together and rolled several times to smooth the joint line and the transition has become more smooth.
Then put the resulting layer of the prepared stencil butterfly scalpel and carefully cut along the contour.
Toothbrushes Give texture butterfly.

butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
Take different colors of plastic that can be seen in the fall and take from them all one layer with color transition.
From the resulting layer with a scalpel, cut leaves.
butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
Using the stack or toothpick gently move the leaves to the base, and the blunt side of a knife selling streak. Treat the edges of leaves, making incisions with a knife. The first leaf of a master like a chestnut.
butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
The following are the leaves Rowan and so they should be less than the size of the previous.
With brown plastic roll thin thread and put it on the basis it leaves attach. Knurled small balls, about 1 mm in diameter, for the berries of mountain ash and carefully place all through.
To take acorns lime plastic and add a little brown, to achieve the desired shade. Roll with it a little ball and attach to the base.
Then roll the ball with the brown clay and attach the top, a little push and give a needle or toothpick texture. Near attach acorns oak leaves.
butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
You can add more maple leaves, but see that it was not nalepisto.
You can simply decorate the space with small colorful balls.

Getting additional modeling elements of decor for the pendant, namely acorns.
To do this, roll a ball, insert a toothpick and give formu.Poverhnost flatten the oval, so as not to leave fingerprints. Do blade small incisions, to give a more natural look and tweezers, create a small ball.

Toothpicks with acorns slide the sponge and together with a pendant, send the first roasting in the oven (temperature and baking time are looking at their plastic packaging).

butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
After baking let cool blanks.
Roll the clay layer to the back of the pendant. Attach a tie and trim any excess plastic. Lubricate with liquid gel and connect both parts, carefully smoothing the edges and irregularities.

Take the brown plastic and roll it into a ball, then put it on a baked acorn shape the hat scissors and make incisions in staggered rows.

All Templates returned for re-firing.

butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
If desired, the back of the pendant can also beautify with ragged edge technology. So you’ll have a two-sided pendant.
Remains of layers cut into thin stripes and place them uzor.Ne worry if the pattern is not entirely smooth, in Dana technique is acceptable.
A more detailed description of this technique can be found in the relevant master classes.

To hide the side of the butterfly can be seen where all the balls, cut a thin strip of plastic, grease gel and close, flatten rovnenko line, so it was not visible joints.
And once again send the firing.

butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
After firing, let cool completely and products with a hand or electric drill, perform the through holes in the acorns and a butterfly.
Insert the pin with a loop through the butterfly and on the other hand also twist the loop that attach to Bailey.

Through acorns slide the pins with a ball and screw loops. Attach the loop to the chain and the chain, attach the eyelet at the bottom of the butterfly.
Measure the desired length waxed cord (better if there is some autumn color gamut), pass to Bale, the edge clamp mount, attach the ring and carabiner.

That’s all suspension “Autumn butterfly” is ready!

butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
butterfly pendant" from polymer clay
I wish you creative autumn days!
courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina
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