How to make balloon flower “Summer tenderness.”

balloon flower
Balloon Flower “Summer tenderness.” 
Do you want to make your home beautiful in summer season? Then do this simple things..and make your home beautiful and trendy….. 🙂
ball of yarn
Further, coated with an adhesive in a circle, the places where the ball will be attached to the pot.
For these purposes, I do not use PVA-M, and “Titan”
Fasten the ball to the pot and leave for a couple of hours.
At this time, the ball is dry proceed to our flowers.
Paper light yellow, light pink, light blue and light purple cut into strips 30mm (I like it more – more fluffy flowers are obtained), and a bright yellow 5mm wide (for midway).
Then from wide strips do fringe.
Then glue the ends of the broad stripes and thin, give 5 minutes to dry.
Curl up with a tool. And so what we do.
Top I’m a little coat with glue to our flower does not fall apart when we tighten the petals. And I give dry.
With the help of an orange stick to gently tighten manicure petals of our flower.
For such large flowers longer suits appelsinovaya stick than zubochistva because petals beautifully produced podkrucheny, not dented.
And the penultimate step: glue all our flowers.


And in the end all – tying a pot on a satin ribbon. All – our flower bulb ready)!
courtesy: liveinternet
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