How to make beads-leaves necklace from a plastic bottle

beads-leaves necklace
Crafts from plastic bottles familiar to many: little animals, bouquets, sinks. What about jewelry account with them?
Make of beads-leaves from a plastic bottle, and no one will distinguish them from the expensive glass beads.
But adding them to harness knitted beaded, beads and natural stones, you will create a truly unusual decoration!
Rather read the instructions of the master class and get to work!

beads-leaves necklace

To create a necklace, prepare the following materials:
• A plastic bottle;
• Beads №6 (color, choose at their own discretion);
• Chipped natural stones;
• Crystal Beads;
• decorative buttons (for fastening);
• Cotton yarn.
Also, for you will need these tools:
• Crochet hook;
• Needle;
• Scissors;
• A candle or lighter;
• Matches.
beads-leaves necklace
Step 1
Start with the most interesting – the manufacture of leaves of plastic bottles.
To do this, cut the bottle in width into equal parts-band (you need only main part of the bottle, and the bottom of a neck and not useful).
Then cut strips into rectangles, and have already cut leaves.
If the bottle has a strip, try to cut the leaves so that they turned on the spot streaks.
If the bands on a bottle is not present, the author advises to fold the leaves in length, rather trample them in the center, simulating the central veins.
Along the edges of leaves make the incision with scissors and fire edge flame candles or lighters.
beads-leaves necklace
Step 2
Next, you have to crochet a strand of beads.
To do this you will need the basic skills with crochet – knitting aerial loops, columns without nakida, rachego step.
The author gives a scheme in which she worked:
beads-leaves necklace
It stands for all the items you need to dial the cotton thread: beads, chipped stones, leaves.
Please note that the white in the scheme are marked “empty” columns without nakida (ie, they need to knit without beads, beads and so on.).
Step 3
Dial beads, stones and leaves on the yarn according to the scheme (a set of top-down left-to-right or bottom-up from right to left).
Then, slide the beads scored away from the free edge of the yarn and knit 11 stitches (or as in the diagram), close them in the ring.
Knit columns without nakida grabbing pigtail previous row for both walls.
beads-leaves necklace
Step 4
20-30 knit rows, you need to calculate the length of the necklace.
The author says that 20 rows are knit 5 cm, respectively, 78 rows (as it scored beads for the pattern) equal to 19.5 cm.
Thus, for a 45 cm length of the product, besides knit pattern need still 25.5 cm.
Thus, each side of the rows of the pattern are not free of beads 12 cm and 1.5 cm still leaves on the clasp.
If you need a different length necklace, then you fill in the numbers, see the above calculations and you will receive the required settings.
beads-leaves necklace
step 5
Knit tail 12 cm (without beads and beads), start knit beads.
To while knitting pattern did not go in a spiral, and even close, to get involved in the bead plait “Russian” method:
beads-leaves necklace
pull the loop by grabbing the loop of the previous row for both walls, slide the bead close to the hinge, and then grab the string of beads and thread through both loops.
step 6
Similarly, the rest get involved beads, beads, leaves and chipped stones.
If the leaves are turned “back” to the front of the harness, the author recommends provyazyvat leaves “English” way:
beads-leaves necklace
first sheet slide against the loop before the pull loop, and then – the two loops together.
Even the leaves can be secured with one stitch thread after the completion of knitting, using a needle for sewing.
step 7
At the end of vvyazyvaniya beads, beads, chips, stones and leaves again knit 12 cm of “empty” columns without nakida.
At the edge of the author are advised to contact a double buttonhole loops of air (it will clasp), to tie it near the columns without nakida over the edge and tie another number rachim step.
To the other free end of the harness buckle and sew a button ready.
beads-leaves necklace
Hooray! Work on the necklace is finished! Feel free to wear it!
beads-leaves necklace
Another color variation of the necklace, made by the author:
beads-leaves necklace
courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina