How to make beautiful mirror roses

How to make beautiful mirror roses

How to make beautiful mirror roses


I wanted to do a thing is not only beautiful, but also functional. Circle diameter of 30 cm and a diameter of 18 cm mirror.

Roses and leaves in store in advance (of salt dough). Roses molded of colored dough (add acrylic paint), paint the leaves later. Decor matte acrylic varnish of bolonchika. Master class of roses did not do, because many of them in the country.

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My husband cut from fiberboard circle, which I covered with gold paint . And also drilled two holes for the ribbons.


Mirror the desired size is also the husband cut (finished mirror is not found). Glued glue that on the photo.



Selection of material.


Then he took the braid and stick with hot glue.


The base is ready. Mirror specially taped not in the center, so original. Garnish can be different. I chose the rose.

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Roses and leaves too stuck on the hot glue. Keeps well, quickly hardens, transparent. Generally, this glue for decoration, in my opinion, the best. Ribbon slipped before the start of glue roses.

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Side view.

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When different lighting looks different.

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