How to make beautiful slippers

How to make beautiful slippers

beautiful slippers

From the fabrics (cotton, linen or cotton) cut out of the work piece. It’s enough to circle the fine on the sole of flip flops, add a couple of centimeters from the fabric and cut. Also from syntepon cut two tracks. And of the two rectangles of fabric for the top of slippers.11

By the way, can be used instead of padding polyester foam. Okleyte main tissues should be (we used foam).


Linen, we sewed bow – this is the top of our sneakers.


Glue the fabric obtained traces of the sole flip flops, secure them with clothespins, leave to dry for the night (you can just put under the press).

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From the remnants of fabric and ropes make two flower decorations for these pets. Sew them in the middle top of the slippers



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