How to make beautiful stained glass window

Beautiful stained glass window with our own hands
stained glass window
Stained glass in the interior look stunningly beautiful. They are known for several centuries and has always been an element of luxury and a sign of wealth. Therefore, if you decide to design your house or apartment in the Mediterranean style pay attention to the stained-glass windows.
Stained-glass – this is a picture of the world. Traditionally, the stained glass windows were made of colored glass and metal. First on the design of forged contours, then cut pieces of colored glass. All the elements in the composition collected and sent to a melting furnace, where combined in a monolithic structure. Traditional technology is complex, and to reproduce it outside the shop is not possible.
Here is what you will need for this:
  • A piece of glass. Suitable any transparent glass: window, tempered or wired, as long as one of the parties was clean, without relief and films.
  • Mastic. This material is needed in order to create a clear outline of the volume that would be imitated metal frame of the classic stained glass. To do this, you can use any hardening in the air composition: Plastic construction adhesive, sealant. Example bituminous roofing sealant black is used.
  • Acrylic paints DECOLA – transparent water-soluble paint saturated colors.
  • Wooden slats to the frame.
  • LED strip for illumination.
  • Aluminum decorative corner for the finish of the finished stained glass.
  • glue gun;
  • a piece of paper for the production of sketch, pencil, marker, paint brushes;
  • Wood screws with countersunk cap;
  • carpentry tools for the manufacture of wooden frames;
  • fastening strap to hang the stained glass window in place.
 stained glass window
Making stained glass
Stained glass starts with an idea. In this example it is described step by step process of making stained glass panel with backlight.
1 step. Sketching.
On Whatman paper drawn contours of the future picture. There are so-called style stained glass – a pattern with clear contours, large elements. The sketch is performed on glass size, circled marker and laid on the table so that the edge was not hung.
stained glass window
Step 2. The transfer circuits.
Glass is washed, dried and degreased thoroughly. It is superimposed on the sketch so that the smooth side of the net was working. Glass and sketch fasten with tape and begin to pick out circuit – applied mastic. In order to lay down sealant was uniform and dense circuit, a syringe dispenser is cut at a sharp angle, then the counter is cut from the other side. After applying the sealant must dry completely.
stained glass window
stained glass window
Step 3. Coloring.
Once hardened paste, acrylics superimposed inside contour. Applying varying density can be achieved with different transparency and color strength. After that, stained glass is to dry in a horizontal position.
stained glass window
Step 4. Frame.
The frame will not be seen, so it is not necessary to decorate. From section bars no more than 4 to 4 cm frame is going, it is cleaned and stained with dark paint to match the contours of the figure.
stained glass window
Step 5. Backlight.
To use the backlight LED strip white. They are fixed on the inner perimeter of the frame by means of electrical clamps.The efficiency of the backlight assembly is tested to the glass.
stained glass window stained glass window stained glass window
6 step. Assembly.
On a wooden frame with LED ribbon using any adhesive mounted glass with stained glass. Right side – the one on which a pattern, purl – Smooth. On the contour of the aluminum profile is fixed, it will close sharp cuts, and further consolidate the glass. screwed mounting “ears” in the last turn.
stained glass window
Stained glass is ready. If you have some skill is a work of art can be made in one day. The main condition – the wait for the complete drying of mastic, then paint and dry picture horizontally only, or he simply drain downwards.
courtesy: liveinternet
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