How to make box for jewelry

fit many available materials for the manufacture of boxes with their own hands: plastic containers, jars out of cotton sticks, coffee, cream, and even bamboo napkin. All these seemingly unnecessary items can decorate and turn into an original and very necessary bagatelle.


Cute box for storing jewelry can be done fairly quickly from a bamboo napkin. This material is quite affordable and durable enough. In addition to her you will also need:
– cardboard;
– the fabric;
– a band; – a pair of scissors; – hot-melt gun; – large buttons; – a needle and thread; – artificial flowers, butterflies and beads for decoration.


Carve out two half-oval boxes to the sides, and their value depends on the desired size of the product. From the cutting of the fabric 4 similar parts, cut them out, leaving 1 cm on each side for seam allowance. Obtyanite blank cardboard cloth.

Apply for the inside of the box. In the same cloth with which they cover the sides, carve out a rectangle equal to the value of the bamboo napkin. Apply it to the wrong side, obsheyte all sections taped manually or by using a sewing machine.

On the lower side of the side parts, apply hot glue and attach them to a distance of about 5 cm from the edge. Add a little glue on the base of the box bamboo napkin, and attach it to the side parts.







Make the clasp. By the short side sew a large button. Cut a piece of tape 10 cm long, fold it in half and Sew middle piece, leaving a 2-3 cm nezashitymi as to obtain a loop. Attach it to the cover of the box.

Hot glue to attach the box artificial flowers, butterflies and beads.



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