How to make brooches “Basket with flowers”

Basket with flowers
Today I want to show you the production of a small brooch in the form of a basket with flowers.
Basket with flowers
You will need:
– cutting beads brown №12, №10 beads round brown beads round number 9 red (instead of white in the photo);
– crystal beads 4 and 6 mm;
– glass flowers and leaves;
– buckle for brooches;
– the basis for embroidery – Felt black and red;
– the skin (a small piece);
– copper wire of 2 mm and 0.3 mm;
– glue;
– cardboard;
– thread for embroidery;
– band-aid.
Basket with flowers
The first thing we draw the sketch. Separately traceable basket and playground for flowers.
Heavy wire arches handle baskets. We attach a form for her to handle lay between the parts of the pattern.
Place cut reserve bottom, the wind a couple of times with a plaster. After that, I paint detail golden acrylic paint (you can not paint if the beads are not very different from the color of this part).
Basket with flowers
Sheathe small beads basket handle, starting from the bottom corner ledge surround is obtained
Basket with flowers
Rascherchivaem cells basket, fill them with embroidery.
Due to different directions of embroidery in the cells, it creates the effect that the wicker basket.
Basket with flowers
Now fill the basket leaves, flowers, and crystal beads
Basket with flowers
Carefully cut off the excess felt. Sticking a piece of cardboard inside out – for rigidity.
Basket with flowers
The skin incision is made and a piece of threaded fastener into it for a brooch. Skin sticking buckle and cut off the excess.
The upper edge of the flowers I sheathe red beads on the scheme 1.
Sides and bottom of the basket – small brown in Scheme 2.
Red felt cut-outs platform for colors, glue parts to the base for embroidery.
Basket with flowers Basket with flowers Basket with flowers
Between embroidery and edge, I stayed clearance. To close it, I’m doing another series of beads around the embroidery.
Basket with flowers
Now go to the decor of the handle. To do this, attach a length of thin wire in the corner of the pen close to the embroidery, dial the wire beads and wrap the handle.
Basket with flowers
And the final touch – add a few leaves on top.
Basket with flowers
Brooch ready.
Basket with flowers Basket with flowers
I hope my idea is useful to you
courtesy: livemaster
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