How to make butterfly bracelet

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In the summer the street !!! Everything blossoms and nature splashed with bright colors !!! And in the soul Parkhaev multicolored butterflies, I packed them in her palm, and wove in her bracelet! Liked? Join the magic, and I will prompt “how I do it.”
We need:
1. The basis for the bracelet (two each)
2.leska 0.22
3.biser №6; №8; I still used the green Farfalle 4 * 2mm, and black twin (with two holes), Farfalle and can be replaced with twin beads.
4.businy faceted: Rondel 4 * 6mm and drops with a longitudinal bore.
I draw a detailed diagram sorry that by hand, do not know another way, if someone tell me a simple bis program will be grateful.
Fix the fishing line on the basis of the coil is not cut off, the lower end, the better! First spletёm thin bracelet (scheme 1-3), sew 48 bis№6
2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Now just sew second base.
13 14 15
All admire, thin bracelet ready! I wove for the set, more matte yellow.
For a wide band do on the 1-4 scheme, two blanks. Second row, builds on the peak of the three bis, placing them strictly according to the scheme.
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Here’s what you should have.
In the third row, we collect butterflies mate, alternating, small and large wings. In the photo, did not show (not to confuse) and the diagram №5 drew how to get fishing line several times (do not be lazy, glass beads necessarily need to go a few times).
25 26 27 28
Total should get 8 halves butterflies.
Attach a second workpiece with two rows.
30 31
All!!! A set of three bracelets ready! 

You can dress up! And this is only one option arrangement beads in openwork bracelet in my collection was simply an ornament, and chamomile. Come up with your own version and share in the comments, I’d be happy!


I wish you all success, and that the soul you always Parkhaev butterflies! Sincerely, Elena Ryabova.

34 35
courtesy: livemaster

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