How to make Christmas ball of needles and beads

New Year just around the corner, adults and children are looking forward to the onset of this bright holiday. And, of course, all are actively preparing for it. If you like to do different crafts of beads, do the New Year so beautiful beads – they serve as a wonderful decoration for the Christmas tree!
 Christmas ball
We will need:
– Small Styrofoam balls;
– Beads;
– Hot glue, glue gun;
– glue stick;
– Basting needle, ribbon, scissors.

Step 1

 Christmas ball
Take basting needle with a round tip, string on her beads. Create any pattern, varying the size of the used beads and beads.Leave before the end of the needle about a third of its length.
Step 2
 Christmas ball
Apply a little glue on the tip of the needle, insert it into the Styrofoam ball.

Step 3

 Christmas ball
Likewise, take a few of these needles, alternately inserting them into a ball.
Step 4
When you fill the ball almost needles decorated with beads, glue on top of a satin ribbon. It can hide under the additional pins if desired.
 Christmas ball
Spiny ball for Christmas tree is ready! Now you can create a lot of balls to decorate their whole apartment for the New Year. You can combine beads and beads of different colors to each new ball produces a unique, bright and festive!
courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina
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