How to make christmas basket

christmas basket
How to make christmas basket
christmas basket
christmas basket
I’ll tell you more as I did a bottom in another MK, as I often do it, and it just slipped on autopilot.
christmas basket
This pattern is common, but she tried recently. Then we start with the usual Cords straight, then begin immediately after the cotton, a new pair of tubes. In the 2 pairs: one-second straight rope cotton double tubes.
christmas basket
the first stage, just Bends small stands from left to right.
the second stage is folded small stands in the opposite direction, (I must say that I always weave from left to right, and I was like that is not particularly comfortable) but Bends are now from right to left.
Third stage: once again with a left to right to put your small stands at 2 inside, specifically is it that it goes around the 2 and passes under 2. Right inside.
The picture of course still a little drained. Here the fourth stage of the turning-and final. From right to left Bends small stands of small stands, as if hiding it. tips cut off.
double tube, I reached through and through, and they wire, so that the tube is very hard. I Opletal first tube bent in half, but the 2 ends. then she stepped up on both sides. Opletal two tubes later, so fast and I was so easy, anyone can come in handy.
for decorating the threaded tube. There was hard because it was tightly pressed, not much a chore, but the result I am very happy.
christmas basket
Thank you all for your attention
courtesy: stranamasterov