How to make christmas candle from paper roll

christmas paper candle
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For the simple basic part of this candle. You will need several paper towel tubes, and a couple toilet paper tubes. I also found some tulle ribbon rolls I had kept, but the whole endeavor could be created with the paper towel rolls.
Dimensions are – 3  twelve inch tubes, 2 nine  inch tubes, 3 seven inch tubes, 2 five inch tubes and 1 three inch tube. Hot glue them together as you like.
To get the candle lights to fit but not drop from the top of the candle, I used masking tape.
Loosely fit the tape in with the candle, then firmly set the tape on the tube. Try to remove any really long tape around the candle, but we’re going to hide that.
Next, use hot glue to create the melted wax look on the edges of the candles.
Hide the edges of the tape with the glue. I found that I could let the glue get hot and just keep pressing the trigger to get very long drips. Then I came back and added a second layer to the outside.
I won’t lie, it took a lot of hot glue.
See all those strings, you can freeze your glue so that the strings don’t happen. I never plan that far ahead. Or you can heat them off.
You can use your heat embossing gun if you have one or a hair dryer that gets good and hot. Just run the hot air over the candles and the strings will melt.
Now take your candelabra and spray paint the whole thing white or whatever holiday color you want.
Next, spread a thin layer of Elmer’s glue all over the candles.
and sprinkle liberally with glitter. allow to dry.
To decorate the candles, I added a white paper plate to the bottom and hot glued the candles on.
Then, I wrapped some pine garland around, hot gluing. From that, I added a bird nest, with a bit of fiberfill, a cute little bird ornament. Next, I tucked poinsettia’s in around the candles. Finally, I added white pearls and lime glittered leaves hot glued in for permanence.


The candles were a last addition, just turned them on as I slid them into each candle.


All this out of some could have been trash. What a beautiful piece, and perfect for getting the whole family involved!
courtesy: creativemeinspiredyou
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