How to make Christmas trees from corrugated paper

How to make Christmas trees corrugated paper

How to make Christmas trees from corrugated paper

So it’s time to decorate our Christmas tree. And it will decorate the magic candles that do not will burn twigs. And candles, and she made of herringbone gofrotrubochek.


We shall cut strips of corrugated paper size 12-14 × 25 cm along the lines of corrugation. It is better to take the paper in different shades of green. But you can do and the white, snow-covered Christmas tree and motley, fantasy. Twist of these double tubes on the needles 4.5-6 mm. For lower branches – thicker spokes, upper – thinner.


Cut the tube in half.


Few unwind. Squeeze rolls in a vertical plane on one side and on the other hand flattened.


Gluing with the sharp end. Pruning tip to sharpen it. Bend the twig, screwing it on your finger. Make a lot of twigs (35-40 pcs.)


Make 6 single tubes to the upper branches of 5-7 cm in length. Pinpoint and glue one end and flatten another.
Gluing cone quarter circle with a radius of 20 cm. You can take a brown cardboard or white construction paper, glued corrugated brown.
Glued twigs rows from the bottom up with some overlaps each other. In each subsequent row try to have branches staggered
Gluing the top row of the single tubes.


For Star Twist thin single flagella on a skewer. Each beam is made by the individual. Gather the edges of the tube diagonally, then bend and glue. Gluing together the five rays.


For candles we will cut a thin tube (the spokes 4.5 cm) to 2.5 cm pieces. From stripes 0,5 × 3 cm Twist flame, spinning flagellum stripes on both sides. Paste a long flagellum inside candle.

8 (1)

Paste candles, placing them into the recesses on the branches.
In our online courses, homework, participants performed a lot of very interesting firs. Here are two of them, they did Helen.



Christmas Tree decorated with flowers



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