How to make colorful sprinkle earrings

Sprinkle iridescent sequins small piece of adhesive tape, she received something quite charming….
sprinkle earrings
Summer – this is the most suitable time for fashion experimentation. It is in this time of year, you can even try the most daring and colorful accessories !
And when these fancy gizmos also the only one of its kind -. Doubly pleased How to make earrings

You will need

  • multicolored sequins
  • PVA glue
  • Scotch
  • copper wire 0.5 mm thick
  • Accessories for earrings (hooks)
  • wax paper
  • Transparent two-component epoxy resin
  • utensils for mixing the resin
  • stick for mixing and applying a resin


  1. Prepare the necessary materials.
sprinkle earrings
      2.Form the wire billet the necessary forms and attach them to the tape.
sprinkle earrings
     3.Promazh contours with white glue.
sprinkle earrings
     4.Mound sequins on tape, coating density – arbitrary. Scotch is very handy, because sequins and immediately fixed in the correct position on the workpiece.
sprinkle earrings
     5.Variants of color combinations.
sprinkle earrings
     6.Squeeze the finger to the glitter tape, shake off the excess.
sprinkle earrings
     7.Host a workpiece on waxed paper.
sprinkle earrings
     8.Prepare the resin according to the instructions on the label.


     9.Apply resin sequin top, filling the entire space inside the workpiece. Leave to dry overnight.


     10.When the resin hardens, carefully separate the adhesive tape, and gather the excess resin at the edges.


       11.It remains only to attach the accessories!


Decorations are made with their own hands – some fun: you need to make a little effort to use imagination and devote a little time to make a unique little thing!
courtesy: stranamasterovv
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