How to make confetti popper home paper party

How to make confetti popper home paper party

How to make confetti popper home paper party

Conquer your guests with these roles launches home ! A special idea for young and old to enjoy podrñan again and again at any party or celebration. Search cardboard tubes, paper and balloons so easy fun starts … You can use them to throw confetti, pompoms, sequins, rice (at a wedding), and much more ?. You like the idea? I tell you right now how to do it!


We need:

  • Cardboard tubes.
  • Cardboard paper type design and colors.
  • Balloons.
  • Scissors.
  • Cutter.
  • Base cutting.
  • Rule.
  • Pencil.
  • Glue stick.
  • Firm adhesive tape, for example, electrical.

Look for papers with bright colors and fun designs. Polka dots, hearts, strawberries, balls … us any cute and special design for the party they think these launches home use papers. And it balloons of the colors of the papers.


First work on cardboard tubes. The best size for these roles are throwing rolls of toilet paper, but if you have bigger ones only must cut them.

We ruler and pencil and measure the tube leaving a centimeter without covering carton. This measure will cut papers design. We can do based on court or not. It is optional.

We cut as many roles as cardboard tubes and we stick on them with glue stick. Reserve.


Now we look for the balloons and tape. Before you tell them how to move, I wanted to recommend use strong tape to this idea. I took a tape for cables elétricos white color. Paste very well and stretches easily.

We balloons and cut with scissors base thereof (ie, the side opposite the nozzle to inflate end). Knotted the remaining end, as shown in the picture (and make it a good firm knot).

Put the end and tied in the cardboard tube, the side that does not stick paper. And now comes the turn to use strong tape. Per side cover the gap between the paper and the balloon design, and secondly, the tape will not balloon out of place to throw papers. Try to place the tape as straight as possible.


The paper launches home is ready! We fill it with shredded paper, pompoms, sequins and other and pulling the end of the balloon, releasing our colored paper will fly everywhere!


It is an idea that adults and children will enjoy, and for any type of festej …. I hope you like the idea and they can do it!



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