How to make dahlia from paper

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How to make dahlia from paper
Spring is finally gaining momentum, and the soul on this occasion requested flowers. I offer you a master class on making dahlia corrugated paper. So, we need: – corrugated paper in two colors for the most flower and greenery
– Teip tape (if not, it shall do simple green paper, cut into slips)
– PVA glue
– wire
– Scissors, clippers
Prepare the middle of a flower. Take a cotton ball, wrap it with paper and secure the wire.
I apologize for not very good photos, but the meaning is clear
Then make the first layer of petals.
The tips of the fingers to tighten up, got such sharp little tubes. Glue to the base, the petals should be tightly cover the midway.
And now comes the tedious and monotonous work: the production of the main lobe. They have a dahlia in the form of tubes, arranged in neat rows, and each row slightly higher than the previous. (See the pictures on the Internet, is very inspiring)
Gofrobumaga plastic, very easy to give it the shape of hands, without special intstrumentov.
Glue the petals-tube rows around serdtsevinki, constantly referring to the flower geometry: as a result it should turn out almost like a ball

When the flower is ready, you need to make the sepal and stem wrap teip-tape or simply stripes of green paper.

A little bit tired of the petals of torsion, at the final stage, I faked, I hope you make a better and more accurate)

A single flower is certainly good, but the bouquet looks great. Make leaves, buds and enjoy
I loved the production of such flowers, which have already done more white dahlias: the principle is the same, but the petals are longer and ends with a sharp, look like living
The very delighted with the result: well, who’s to say that this paper? Beauty!
Of course, I have not discovered America in this master class, but I sincerely hope that you are inspired to create beautiful flowers! Good luck in the works! Thank you for attention!
courtesy: livemaster 

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