How to make decoupage flower pots

flower pots

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How to make decoupage flower pots
 decoupage flower pots
Summer Sketches: flowers in large vases and baskets, seascapes, country houses immersed in the greenery, birds, butterflies – all so cute heart and not just remembered the cold winter.
 decoupage flower pots
Potted flowers planted in the pots will remind you of pleasant moments.
 decoupage flower pots

decoupage flower pots

For work I needed: plastic flower pots, glue for decoupage, napkins ply paper, sandpaper, acrylic primer, acrylic paint, primer for facetted varnish, lacquer facetted, stained paint, synthetic flat brush, acrylic varnish finish.
The surface of the pot sandpaper, caused universal acrylic primer. Dry.
With the help of a file has caused a napkin on one side of the pot, carefully pressed to the surface with your fingers from the middle to the edges, expelling air bubbles
This method is much easier to work with large fragments.
Now you can apply decoupage glue for synthetic brush from the middle to the edges of the image.
The view from the other side, the one opposite to that.
Summer in nature there are no empty seats – all blossoms, grow, pleases the eye variety. For this reason I considered it inappropriate to net cracelures or dull colors shading between the tissue fragments.
Also, with the help file, free space decorated chic roses in baskets.
 10 11
So look seams pictures.
Sanded lapel pot brush struck the ground for facetted varnish.
Facet varnish is applied with a thick layer using a palette knife.
 14 15
Here you can see how the first cracks appear.
After the full manifestation of cracks and the final fixing layer krakelyurnogo I gave roses volume, use the opportunity to special transparent texture paste.
To do this, squeeze a small amount of the composition in a plastic bag, then cut off its tip.
Do not be afraid of what he saw. White in a liquid state, it dried, the paste becomes completely transparent.
Drying long, from three days to a week.
Last one’s left, the most interesting moment – krakelyurnogo paint layer stained glass paints.
I in the presence of only three basic colors, and none of them are not suitable. No problem. In a separate bowl, combine a teaspoon of red paint and three drops of green.
As a result, I received a delicious chocolate composition.
Brush dyed border.
 24 25
After drying, the product is covered with acrylic lacquer several times.
Pokrasuemsya from all sides.
 27 28 29 30
This whole “Family” in the assembly.
Just want to twist, to show their best side.
Mediterranean motifs.
 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
Black Sea motives.
 44 45 46 47
Some parts are marked transparent texture paste.
Daisies in a vase in the “dewdrops”.
Bukashka also gained volume share.
 50 51 52 53 54 55
That’s all.
Everyone who came to the light, thank you very much for your attention.
I will be glad to know that the workshop useful to someone.
All the success and sunny mood !!!


courtesy: stranamasterov

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