How to make egg shaped candy box

Now the time for new i introducing a new idea… Egg shaped candy box..
Gallery will be a lot, you’ll excuse me, but photoshop them and do not have time to integrate.
So, take an ordinary pot for seedlings
FROM plastic bottle cut throat and podplavlyaem bit of an edge over the fire, then the paper is not torn on the edges.
From Penoplex poluyaytso cut out (not necessarily perfectly smooth, the main form). The diameter is the same as in a pot, or may be a little less, then the lid will stay on flowers
At the bottom of the hole do (oh, by the way, and here is the update cents).
It is cut straight scissors sooooo easy, even a “markup is”
Included perfect, as if well conceived
Stand almost ready
That’s actually this is my idea
 egg shaped candy box
A further twist any flowers, but smaller is better
 egg shaped candy box
Vtyrkivaem flowers in egg
 egg shaped candy box
Flowers do not insert to the workpiece edge to remain porch that decorate flexi hose. And the very bottom I painted, but it is possible to seal the same flexi hose
 egg shaped candy box
And here I took “replacement player”. The first pot was not enough, so I did the flowers too long legs, had to be replaced. But the point remains the same: a vase decorate flexi hose
 egg shaped candy box
 egg shaped candy box
added ukrashalok
Now krasoten
Inside spread ground chocolates
Well, finally done!
Thank you.
courtesy: stranamasterov
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